COMODO Cloud for Windows 2.1.4 released!


We are happy to announce the public release of COMODO Cloud 2.1

What’s new (compared to 2.0)

  • CCloud drive is treated as removable drive;
  • New balloon messages which work on XP also;
  • Product name was changed to “Comodo Cloud”;
  • Fixed issues when logging in/out from CB an CCloud program didn’t changed it’s state;
  • Option to set preferred drive letter for CCloud drive;
  • Option to set whether CCloud client should start at computer start-up;
  • Option to view and delete the synchronized folders with CCloud;
  • CCloud can be configured to be used with a proxy;

What’s fixed & improved (compared to 2.0)

  • Comodo Cloud automatically relogins after resuming from standby/hibernation/internet connection lost;
  • Issue long and special characters passwords;
  • Issues with synchronization not working properly sometimes;
  • If internet connection drops CCloud client relogins automatically;
  • Issue with no message displayed when an upload is successfully or unsuccessfully completed;
  • Crashes with COS Service;
  • CCloud client crash when attempting to close the login screen while logging in;
  • Upload operation failing for multiple print screen uploads;
  • Issue with no version is displayed in About window sometimes;
  • Issues with shell extension (right click menu);
  • Logging out from Online Storage via the cloud drive right-click contextual option causing CCloud Client.exe to close;
  • Login failing with error code 62 or 183 sometimes;
  • Wrong message in the restart confirmation window when uninstalling;
  • Desktop becoming non-responsive after sign-out;
  • Issue with Comodo Dragon settings when uninstalling CCloud;
  • CBReparse.sys not working properly sometimes;
  • COSSerivce or Synchronization service not working properly sometimes;
  • Upload failing when attempting to upload files stored on mapped network drives;
  • The “Check for Updates” option from the “About” menu having no effect sometimes;
  • Drop Zone improperly displayed after it is disabled and then enabled;
  • Error notification displayed when clicking the “Get help from a Geek Buddy” button;
  • Drop Zone and the tray tool-tip not displayed after login;
  • The fade effect timing after a file transfer inaccurate;
  • The Drop Zone can’t be minimized to the taskbar when explorer window is opened in background;
  • 120 dpi, default and classic themes - GUI issues when displaying the notifications;
  • The “Show files” button is not displayed after uploading empty .txt files with very long names;
  • The upload progress bar is no longer displayed after disabling and enabling the Drop Zone;
  • Explorer hang caused by shellextension.dll;
  • Upload operations stoping at 100% sometimes;
  • “Buy Storage” not working;
  • Diagnostics report not performed when UAC is enabled;
  • Application cannot be started until COSService initializes;
  • Xslx files cannot be opened for editing from CCloud drive;
  • Notification window sometimes displaying incomplete file names for uploaded files;
  • Sync icons not displayed sometimes;
  • Some translation errors;
  • Some typos;
  • Dbginfo.bat script file in installation directory to collect easier the debug information;
  • Other minor issues;

Known issues

  • Synchronization operations are not performed properly for folders that are in a root of a drive;
  • On rare ocasions COSService.exe might crash during uploads or during login;
  • Concurrent copy operations to the mounted Cloud Drive might return source errors;
  • The upload operations starts very slow for sources that contain small files;
  • Slow browsing speed for mounted Cloud Drive;

Bug Reports:

Please use this topic to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.

Download Location:

Setup for Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2003 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2008 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit:

Download links:


Setup file size & checksums:
14.6 MB (15340272 bytes)
MD5: F2BF2B7A7520166366CE22A3F9207843
SHA1: B0C01C352AB010CB89C84873ED868426D51E5A40

congrats on the release