COMODO Cloud for iOS - 1.1.27 Released


We are happy to announce that COMODO Cloud 1.1.27 (for iOS) was released.
You can download it from App Store.

Accessing your pictures, videos or documents has never been easier. Install the COMODO Cloud application, login and download any file from your account.
You can also upload your pictures, videos, and text directly from your iPhone or iPad so that your data is safely stored on the COMODO Servers.
With the COMODO Cloud application, your files are just a few taps away. You can also rest assured that no one will access your data without your permission - thanks to the COMODO Cloud “Passcode Lock”. Even if you lose your device, or a criminal gets their hands on it, your sensitive data will still be protected.


•5GB of free storage space
•safely backup and restore all of your contacts
•upload pictures directly from your phone or tablet
•download your pictures, videos or documents whenever you need them
•protect your personal data with “Passcode Lock”
•share your photos and videos with friends and family
•view your files by category – Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos
•Save files on your device for quick access

Known issues:

  • None that we know.

Bug Reports:

Please use this topic to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.

Download Location:

You can search for “COMODO Cloud” in AppStore
or get it from here: ‎CCloud on the App Store

congrats on another great release.

excellent work guys!

Is this also for iMac?
I know the OP says “for iOs”, just checking since iPad and iPhone are the only ones mentioned.

it should be

quote from the app store description

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

iMac uses OS X (10.6.x)
Thats why I ask, since the versions are different. Same provider, but different versions.

No. Only iPad and iPhone


Any chance to make it available for mac os x in the future?

Yes, but we can’t say for sure when yet.