COMODO Cloud for Android - Released


We are happy to announce that COMODO Cloud (for Android) was released.
You can download it from Google Play (Android Market).


  • 5GB of free storage space
  • safely backup and restore all of your contacts
  • upload files directly from your phone or tablet
  • easily find any file with the search feature
  • create folders for better file management
  • download your files whenever you need them
  • share your photos, music and videos with friends and family
  • view your files by category – Documents, Images, Music and Videos
  • save copies of files on your device for quick access.

Known issues:

  • None that we know.

Bug Reports:

Please use this topic to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.

Download Location:

You can search for “COMODO Cloud” in Google Play (Android Market) or get it from here.

Direct apk download link:
To install using direct download link, you need to go to phone/tablet Settings → Applications → Enable the “Unknown Sources” to allow the installation, then download the apk file inside your phone/tablet, then run it.

Android setup file size & checksums:
1.06 MB (1,121,310 bytes)
MD5: 0fbe6b1397873ca0d62b832d043c71d9
SHA1: c12c8d8f30a54a95411d28b4c521da0c7cc71b9e

cannot install on android 2.2.2

Please try to install using direct download link I just added above.


Congratulations with the release… :-TU

Installed app no problem but cannot sign up for a new account message: “Could not create new account”

thanks a lot :-TU

Did you use any non-english characters in the account name or account password?
You can also try to create a new account here.


Me neither. I cannot install using Google Play (Android Market).
It says that is incompatible (using 2.3.6).

Will this be fixed in Google Play or every one using Android version 2.x should install using direct download link?

Please try the direct download link.
Make sure you enable the allowing of installation from unknown sources first.


Will this be fixed so the installation can be made through Google Play instead of using the direct link?

Yes, we are working on this.