Comodo Cloud Encryption

I’m trying to find out before actually storing anything in your Cloud offering what exactly is meant by “Your data is securely encrypted during the download/upload processes and while in storage on our servers. Nobody, apart from you, will ever be able to access or intercept your files.”

What encryption is implemented? Where is the data encrypted? Where are the keys stored? How are they generated?



??? Anybody at Comodo come into work in the last month?

I realize it’s a free service, but it seems like there should be some support for it.

Two months and counting on this relatively simple question. 88)


So, three months. Is there a record for the longest time waiting for a response?

I bet this forum would be a great place to store porn. It’s not like there are mods who look at stuff and ensure responses.

This does not bode well for the support structure for this company. I’m at 5 months as of tomorrow. Is it just me that you have a problem with, or do you hate all your customers?

I’m very sorry you have not had a reply to your question yet, bfbcping.

You can be assured that we mods do look at everything posted, but we are just users like yourself. We are not all knowing when it comes to the inner workings of every Comodo product.

Since the free support for Comodo products through this forum is largely community based, specific questions that can only be answered by Comodo staff may not receive a response here.

You can email the cloud support staff here: