Comodo Cloud AV


What can you say about the Comodo Cloud AV

When will you Release it

Will you Release it with Comodo Internet Security Version 7

Will you integrate it into Comodo Internet Security

It is a Standalone Programm or not

CIS already has a cloud component integrated into the AV…

In time there will be a standalone Comodo Cloud AV.

As HeffeD pointed out CIS, CAV and even CFP already have a cloud AV integrated.


Thank you all for your informations

Can you post some Screenshots when it is come you can post it in this Thread


Any New Infos for Comodo Cloud AV

Nope. They prob busy now with CIS 7 88)

totally agree +100. No one have time for any other things expect CİS 7 :smiley:

So CİS 7 must satisfy 88)


Okay thank you very much for your both answers