Comodo Cloud AV

1.Add Comodo cloud AV to Dragon - every downloaded file will be scanned in Comodo Cloud by AV.

For more secure. What do you think?

Not necessary.

if the user has CIS then it’s not needed because CIS already does this for all browsers if you have cloud scanning on.

if the user doesn’t then i think it would be a nice option.
CD could ask the user when installing if he chooses to do a custom install otherwise the user could just turn the feature on later.

if the user later installs cis after dragon then the next time the user starts the browser dragon could uninstall this feature from dragon but stilll have the option to turn it on and off from dragon which will then turn it off in cis since it’s not really in dragon anymore but the user wont know the difference unless comodo put something beside the option in dragon that said this feature runs in cis or something like that

I think such an add on will be great as people not using CIS will also benifit form comodo security as well as contibute suspicious files to cloud as well
for privacy reasons or countries with bandwidth limits this must be separately/exclusively activated
this way you increase your reach also >:-D