Comodo Cloud AV Standalone

Come on UPDATE on this plzz…

Currently testing Comodo Cloud on known dirty drive with various infections including Trojans, Fraudware and Worms. Avira, ESET, Norton, Avast and Malwarebutes detect same 30 infections. Comodo Cloud = Zero. There’s bad detection rates, then theres detection rates that borderline dangerous. This new product needs some serious work. I can see it missing a few, half or even one but none??? Scary…

You are probably testing Comodo Cloud Scanner. It’s no longer supported.

Pls try this tool

To clean your system.

Whats up Comodo? Some news here plzz…

CIS 6 Beta around coming April end?

When CCAV Beta? Give it now to play with & wait for CIS 6 Beta.

im excited too but we need to be patient. im sure once they think ccav is close to being ready or have a date for release they will tell us.

I think CCAV Beta should be released now so that till CIS 6 Beta CCAV can be released as Final.

And we too need something new to play yaa.

Maybe drop Fanny a PM.
I believe this is her baby :wink:

im sure they will release it when its ready.

Give some newz guyz…

Dear Fanny and Valkyrie …, :wink:

Any news guys???

Comodo Cloud AV Beta will release before or after CIS 6 Beta???

Whats up here…???

Some news Devs…

Comodo Cloud AV stopped at the CEO edition stage …

Momentarily i thought there was maybe some news :smiley:
Hi Fanny :slight_smile:

We are all waiting for ccav and im sure Fanny and her team are working on it.
So until its ready we are going to have to wait

Just like what you told me here

Atleast they can give info if its beta going to come before CIS 6 beta or not? This way atleast we will know that its going to be weeks or months.

i doubt we will get it before cis v6. cis is planned to hit beta at the end of april which is in a month. i dont think we will hear any info about ccav until its release or near it. we havent heard any info about it since Fanny first told us about it back in october of 2011 which is about 6 months ago.

Now CIS6 Beta is going to be released around Aug, so any news on Cloud AV Beta, we are going to get the Cloud AV Beta before or after CIS6 Beta.

Any news around when Cloud AV Beta is going to release & the features in it?