Comodo Cloud AV Standalone

CIS 6 is slated for Q1 2012.

When is CCAV slated?


CIS 6 BETA is scheduled for January 2012. :wink:

I am anxious over this one too,
would be nice to have some idea when :viva:

Any updates on this?


What happened to Cloud AV? No new info nothing?

i am playing with the CEO edition :slight_smile:

its very nice…

of course the backend is the important part when it comes to CloudAV. we have some ideas for integration into KillSwitch etc…lets see…

Give me the USER edition to play :slight_smile:

Into KillSwitch in the sense Realtime Cloud Protection i.e Like a Standalone Cloud AV into KillSwitch?

Any info when Beta will be there? As CIS 6 Beta is far give Cloud AV Beta to play.


iv been waiting for this for a while. cant wait to see it

is the backend for valkyrie and the cloud getting close to being ready?

thanks for all the great products :-TU

its valkyrie +!

the backend is the one that has to be tested. So we’ll see how we can put it all together…thx

it seems that valkyrie has been getting a lot of backend work. the site has been down a couple days now but i remember you saying they are working on a bigger server and Fanny said they are going to improve CIMA and add new dynamic detectors. im hoping we get to see those soon and help test them

Wouldnt be nice to have all the Comodo Software CEO versions?
Imagine the CIS CEO version Melih have installed in his PC. (Im just guessing)

Im jelous, oh well… ;D

Yes a lot of cutting edge stuff…
but i must admit i have a VM bank that i use for testing software…:slight_smile:

its always smart to use a VM when testing new software

any chance of giving us a screenshot? :wink:

melih can we have sneakpeak of cloud AV please…

True, indeed.

Melih, would you like to make us feel even more jelous about you?
Just show us a couple of screenshot of CCAV and other cool stuffs from Comodo you play with. ;D

When is the Beta coming…? Any news…?

no news

They had mentioned that once they will iron out all the bugs in CCAV they may implement it into CIS.

Still no sign of CCAV beta & I guess CIS 6 beta is nearing.

The development is kinda slow yaa.

its either slow or there are changing/adding a lot so its just taking time. im hoping we get cis v6 beta or ccav this week cuz i start school next week and wont have to much time to test.

I would like to see

Comodo Cloud Antivirus Plus

Firewall (No D+ & Sandbox)
Antivirus (Signatures, Heur & Cloud database)
Valkyrie Cloud
CIMA Cloud
Behaviour Blocker
Site Inspector

Optional Local AV database & whitelist. Some would like to use local database. And whitelist would help minimizing false positives.

CCAV Plus would be average/novices security suite. And CIS advanced users security suite.