Comodo Cloud AV -- only 3 MB--- with full containment and sandboxing included

I love it already!!! and its only alpha (CEO Edition :wink: )

You guys are going to LOOOOOVVVVEEEEE it!!!

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Very good idea.

I hope this program will be light (RAM, CPU).

We want performance tests! :wink:

I know this has been in the pipeline for sometime, look forward to seeing the release :slight_smile:

How about a full fledged suit (with HIPS and AV etc) but that only uses Cloud AV? (Currently with Comodo Firewall File Rating doesn’t detect malware until they are running and doesn’t stop malware from running. Setting up auto-sandbox to block malicious files will block them but no alert from File Rating about the malicious file, made a bug report but it’s allegedly by design)

Edit: Is this designed to replace CIS, CFW and CAV in the long term?

never mind Assembly language, they had to write the code in binary 001100110010101011101101010101010100010100…:slight_smile: to make it this small!!

This is what you call as fullly fledged suite that only uses Cloud AV! You have it in 3MB!!! It has all the components you need to defend your castle…
This is a new addition to our product range, both products will continue to exist.

Lacks HIPS from first sight.

Is the below ever going to get fixed for Comodo Firewall?

Does it work correctly for Cloud AV? Does Cloud AV block malicious files (detected, not unknown) before they load?

What if there is a malware that is packed multiple times…that comes to your computer and sits on your hard disk?

1)Do you want to spend your CPU time to unpack it multiple times and run it in an emulator and hopefully catch and delete it? (mind you staying in your hard disk is harmless until you execute it)…


2)wait till it tries to execute then catch it?

If 1, then go ahead and run regular scans for all your hard disk.

i have been waiting for this for a long time. Now its time to see the real power of valkyrie in a consumer product :-TU

That’s not what I meant, in Comodo Firewall, File Rating won’t block a malware even when it’s detected as malware. Example: You download a malicious file, you run the malicious file, File Rating alerts for the malicious file since it had a signature in the cloud, the malicious file is still allowed to run and the user needs to actively clean it for Comodo Firewall to kill it! Now take that in contrast to the AV in Comodo Internet Security where the AV will stop a malicious file from running.

Yes I know you can set up an auto-sandbox rule to block all files rated as malicious, but when you do that the malicious files in question will be blocked from running but there will be no alerts for them.

Your example of “2)” would be fine for me, but sadly Comodo Firewall doesn’t use this, it uses:
3) Wait till it executes then catch it but don’t stop it from actually executing and let it do its thing until the user answers the alert, at which point (depending on other modules) the malware may or may not have done damage already.

Edit: See bug 1538 for more info and video showing my point.
Edit 2: Although at this point we’re off topic, but I’d love to continue the discussion via PM.

How is this different than the “Do NOT show pop-up alerts: This option when enabled applies block and terminate action to malware detected by cloud scanning” option under file rating settings? Or when the sandbox is used the sandbox policy to block and quarantine applications that are rated malicious?

Hi, this solves my issue, I think. “Do NOT show pop-up alerts” had for me in the past simply blocked the malware with no alert whatsoever, and to be fair the name of the option is contradictory to its behavior. “Do NOT shot pop-up alerts” would make one assume it doesn’t show a “Blocked” alert, but it does. 88)

Edit: Although it doesn’t give me the exact behavior I’d like. I want it to act like it does when “Do NOT show pop-up alerts” is checked in regards to blocking the malware, but I still want to be presented with the “Clean” and “Ignore” options, this is currently not possible.

Edit 2: So the difference is that I want it to a)Block the file and b) show an alert where you get to choose what to do.

:-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU


I’ll probably install an AV on my PC with this product Melih…

great to hear :wink:

Looks promising… :-TU
Is it going to be compatible with another AV on PC?

Send us the PUBLIC Edition then so we can say we LOOOOOOVVVEE it too ;D


Could one use it with Comodo Firewall running as well? (thinking Comodo Firewall for HIPS and Cloud AV for… AV…)

Dont remember correctly now…but app 2-3 years back Melih had mentioned similar things i.e Cloud AV is coming soon & its working excellent on his system & its CEO edition with couple emoticons. It never happened.
For one other product too Melih had mentioned coming soon with screenshot of the product. If I remember correctly it was CTM i.e Time Machine. It never happened.

Screenshots means nothing… Especially Melih & Comodo case… “Believe it only when you get it”.

From the past experiences… It seems they post stuffs without any real or ground work.

Hi yessnooo,
I understand things do not always go to plan, but just a word of advice be careful calling the CEO a liar if that is what you are doing.

Thank you.