Comodo Cloud Antivirus - v1.15.435958.619 Released

Hi Ya5h Kh4n,
We need following two things to be able to investigate the issue:
When you see this high disk activity:

  1. Please right click on CCAV process and create process dump.
  2. Please share msinfo32.exe output

We can analyze above information and get back to you. You can PM the files, if you wish.


Hi Ya5h Kh4n. Could it be connected with the low cpu power? What kind of processor do you have? I noticed the same problem on my home system which uses an old Core 2 Quad @ 2,33 ghz. CCAV is totally unusable there. Almost one minute to open task manager, with no other security app running.
CIS runs flawlessly instead.

umesh, as mentioned have uninstalled CCAV, may be next time…

davidepi, Intel(R) Core™ i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz 2.30 GHz

I am back to my fav CFW. And I/O read bytes for all the software are under 5 figure. Thats a huge difference, CCAV installed, I/O read bytes of CCAV were 11 figure & few other software were 9 figure.

Ok, can you please share msinfo32 details of that machine so we could try to reproduce?


Just the summary or all, how to get all the info?

And no private/personal info will be there, right?

We are mainly interested in “Software Environment” section of it.
After you launch msinfo32.exe, you can export configuration using File–>Export menu.

Just a short question - since I am considering to install CCAV and use its Sandbox instead of the Sandbox in Firewall 10 (copy/paste from Clipboard needed for sandboxed apps) is it possible in the newest version of CCAV to bypass virtualization of certain folders on the disk? (In FW 10 it is called “Do not virtualize access to specified files/folders”).

Hi Swordfish_,
We don’t have it yet.


I have reinstalled CCAV.
I/O read bytes for one of the CCAV processes right now is 12,424,807, is it normal or what is normal?

And I will PM you “Software Environment” in a moment.

Is the Windows Meltdown update supported by CCAV?

Not yet, we are working on it.

Hi Sammo,
Please see following release post.

Last production v619 is fully compatible with patch on all operating systems and this newly released hot-fix v621 will create required registry key enabling patch to be applied:

Please check out.