Comodo Cloud Antivirus v1.10.412605.476 Released

This is a major DB migration to new and more powerful hardware and stretching till now, i will confirm when all is back to normal.

Thanks for understanding.

Migration is over and there should not be any problem hereafter.


Can we use the website from now on?

I get error message after a SHA-1 check, it says “Database connection error”

Should be up now.

Thanks, I use this website regularly, please keep it up! :-TU

Once upon a time in 2014, I created a wish for CIS
Create An Untrusted Vendor List (UVL)

I think, Comodo added this feature into Valkyrie mechanism, please see below
Grey Listed Vendors >:-D

It is very nice to see development on adware detections :-TU

we always listen to our users…always!!

yigido, these samples you send to Valkyrie are being analyzed by “Human Analysis”?

No. As you can see in the screenshot, there is no human expert verdict. It is automatic Valkyrie verdict, and at the same time there is a detection popup on my desktop from CCAV.

I know, but what about the oldest submissions? Here in my none is checked for weeks …

And in CCAV, was this an isolated case of Valkyrie detection, or it occurs with many malware that you send?

I do not know, I sent samples to Valkyrie via CCAV, and after 1-2 days later I got malware alerts for my submissions.
You can see on previous posts of me.

I went to a fake Media Downloader website (to get some infection and collect samples >:-D )
After download, CCAV detected it without any submission, I sent the sample to Valkyrie, after I saw the detection.

if you have an old version of CCAV, pls uninstall…reinstall…
then it will do a scan and identify what is unknown etc…

is CCAV (including CISE) fully compatible with the upcoming win10 creators update?

Hi Jon79,
We have CCAV release coming on 5th April, that fixes compatibility issues in CCAV.
We have already issued CISE update that is fully compatible with Win10 creators update.
So if you install CCAV now, CISE is downloaded on the fly and is fully compatible with Win10 creators update.


Thank you, umesh! :-TU

And another thank you from me! You’re all doing excellent work for us :slight_smile:


We are waiting for the new version, even better than the last one! :-TU :-TU :-TU

Hi All,
We have released CCAV hot-fix v478: