Comodo Cloud Antivirus First Public Beta Release!!!

I don’t care how much RAM it uses, I have 32GB, what I don’t understand is why Task manager now takes 10 seconds to open. Even in repeated runs!

I noticed that also, along with lags in open Firefox and most programs.

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Andwhat is with my other questions Buket

Any Screenshots availbale

Any Video reviews available

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This product has only been out for 2 hours i highly doubt there are any videos out. For screenshots see Melih’s posts here:

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Completely slowed my W10 x64 machine to a crawl. Click on Task Manager and 10 seconds later it begins to open, same with any other app.

Shouldn’t this be in the Beta forums also with a corresponding bugs thread?

FYI - Reporting same slow down of my system as D Bone.

Windows 7 64 bit Pro
Intel Xeon E3-1275 v 3 @ 3.5 GHz
8 GB of standard DDR3 RAM
250 GB Samsung 850 Pro SSD

Startup/run times are extremely slow. Example Starcraft 2 takes 20 seconds to start up. Word 2013 takes 10 seconds.

Also noted that sand boxed apps also run lagged/choppy slow. Diablo 2 for instance has intermittent 2 seconds lag spikes.

I wonder if the slow downs have anything to do with valkyrie being down for “construction” since ccav uses it as its backend.

makes sense…

please, can somebody post some prints and videos from the comodo cloud av beta?

I will not test this edition but I would like to see it in action.

I dont think you will see any videos until these slow downs are fixed. It literally takes seconds to open anything. I will post some test results once its usable

some prints atleast?

Congratulations Comodo, thanks. :-TU

Only if you block any unknown app with the Sandbox. Do you mean this?

Is there any virus DB offline?

Can it be used alongside other major AVs?

No, don’t think so. It relies on sandbox when offline.
First impressions:

  • too heavy on RAM
  • slow down when opening folders/programs
  • slow down boot
  • Great UI
  • Great Idea

What about Panda cloud? It uses offline cache of active malware signatures, heuristic technologies, behavioral protection, USB drive vaccine and anti-exploit technology. So I wouldn’t say Comodo is the “one and only Cloud AV which can provide Online & Offline protection”.

not the way comodo does, i guess… but anyway, comodo cloud av sux this point in release as first beta. too early to compare it with any other like software.

its coming in the next beta release…

we cache some stuff…and any new unknown you introduce when offline gets sandboxed…hence becomes the world’s first cloud AV to provide protection even when offline.