Comodo Cloud Antivirus First Public Beta Release!!!

Hello Everyone ! :slight_smile:

Here we are very excited to announce that the Comodo Cloud Antivirus first public beta version is now released !

Best Protection & Best Performance for zero day attacks with Real Time Protection !

We are here to provide you the best real time protection with this lightweight package consisting two important components; Cloud Antivirus + Sandbox.

We would appreciate receiving your feedbacks, wish and bug reports for the beta built 1.0.373001.66.

Thank you very much to you all in advance !!

What’s new?

  • User Interface :

A brand new user interface in which we aimed to increase usability, navigation , effectiveness and keep the simplicity.

  • Run as Trusted Application option:

Right click an application and select “ Run as Trusted Application” , the app runs as trusted application. Simple !

  • An new - easy to apply Sandbox setting: “Run only Safe Applications”

Block all the malicious and unknown applications.

  • Actionable Lists:

The option to select an action and apply it easily on seperated or all applications in the Detected Threats, View Quarantine and Sandboxed Application lists.

Download Location

Comodo Cloud Antivirus First Public Beta Version

Finally guys :-TU

So the new era just begun >:-D

Hi yigido

We re looking forward to get your feedbacks :-TU

Thank you


Exactly. :-TU This built is the one and only Cloud AV which can provide Online & Offline protection. :-TU :-TU

This is the first impressions

  • RAM usage is high, I know it is beta :wink:
  • I love the UI, it is great for me.
  • 10MB on disk, great :slight_smile:

I have a questions by the way
How to “refresh (reset)” the sandbox ? Will you add such an option?
I couldn’t find anything about it.

How to disable “telemetry” reports? I keep it enabled on installation. Lets say, I want to disable it but there is no settings for that after installation. ?

Congrats comodo team! :-TU Im definitely going to try this out.

Congrats with the release. :slight_smile:

The memory is high, at least higher than expected. Maybe 30-50meg. No where near the “3 mb” mentioned in the beta thread. I wonder what was added between the initial version and this one? The executable is 8meg, so not sure it would ever be smaller than that in memory.

I like the GUI a lot though. Best version yet, compared to earlier pictures.

Hi all

I have some questions for you

Any Screenshots availbale

Any Video reviews available

When will you release the final Version of it

Any infos for the multilanguage Version of it

With best Regards

What happened to the option to alert the user before sandboxing? The option is missing from the screenshot Melih showed us.

I just installed ccav and my system has a very apparent slow down.

I believe the 3Mb mentioned in the previous thread was for the installer file size, not the memory usage.

Nice. Can’t wait to test it.

I am also seeing noticable slow down, but am waiting a bit before uninstalling.

Oh, could be. But at 30-50meg, not really any smaller than other AVs like Avast, Avira, etc…

Hi yigido,

Thank you for the first feedbacks,we will be checking with our QA.

Regarding refresh button and enabling usage stats ; we will have it in the scope of Major release.

Kind Regards

Hello Mops21,

Final version release which will also have multilanguage support is planned for the second week of December .

For your information


Hey wasgij6,

This alert is coming with the major release, team is working on it .

For your information pls.


I know it’s still beta, but this thing is horrendously slow. Boot takes freaking 5 minutes instead of under 1 minute. Opening EVERY app takes 5 seconds minimum even though they started instantly before. Also Win10 notification center doesn’t register CCA and is constantly throwing warnings that AV isn’t installed…

Hey clocks, guys,

Thank you for the feedbacks, we are very happy that you guys like the new UI.

Regarding memory, I will be checking in detail with QA and understand the problem. In the meantime please keep posting your feedbacks as we will be following up very closely.

For your information,