Comodo Cloud Antivirus - BETA v1.13.424669.560

Hi All,

Thank you trying 1st beta v550.

We are happy to announce release of 2nd beta v1.13.424669.560.
We would like you to test manual updater also that will bring final release candidate v562.

The last beta v550’s manual updater functionaly doesn’t work as expected, so please install following v560 first:

BETA - Warning:
Following setup is a BETA setup and it is not recommended to test on production machine and it is intended only for beta testers.
So please try at your own risk.

Setup Details:
Size: 8.98 MB (9,424,976 bytes)
MD5: 88a9afa0a37a4aff04b02ce76d735d33
SHA-1: 8a3fcc9b19780c0f7d44b282da5662e619690f6f

then have following hosts entries:

and then run Manual Updater from interface.

You should be able to update CCAV to v562, which is release candidate.

Following are changes since last 1st beta v550:

  1. Sandbox alert is back to the way it is like in current production version i.e. you can unblock sandboxed application from alert itself. In future releases we will provide configuration option to switch to Windows 10 like notification.
  2. Manual updater will also update Recognizer.
  3. Release notes link added in About dialog
  4. Edge browser support in Sandbox is dropped at the moment. There are technical limitations due to design of Edge. We will continue to explore possibilities further.

Please check it out and based on your feedback, we will decide to release in next days.


:-TU :-TU :-TU

Thanks :-TU

Thanks for adding a Privacy policy link.

No visible or known probem with CCAV Beta 1 on my machine,
looks the same for Beta 2, but i will check more tommorow.


“I want to enable Cloud based behavioral analysis”
should be moved to: File Rating Settings

Add information ball to Excluded Paths and Excluded Applications

Excluded Paths (!)
Displays a list of paths/folders/files in your computer which are excluded from real-time, on-demand and scheduled antivirus scans.

Excluded Applications (!)
Displays a list of programs/applications in your computer which are excluded from real-time antivirus scans.

Add these applications to Exclusion and allow them to connect to the internet overriding the above settings.

Current “fixed”
Add your applications to Exclusion to allow them to connect to the internet by overriding the above settings.

Other (my pick)
By adding a application to this Exclusion will grant it internet access even if the above settings is enabled.

Overrule the above settings by adding your application to this exlusion to allow it internet access.

550 worked fine for nearly 2 weeks

560 installed and updated w/o any problem to 562

Good work :-TU :-TU

Installed 5.60 and upgrade to 5.62 Ok. :-TU

Hi All,
We have released v562 today:

Thanks for all feedback.