Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.1.387596.183B Hotfix is Released!

Hi Everyone! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

We are happy to announce that Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.1.387596.183B second hotfix version is now released !

With this release, we have minor improvement on our Sandbox release and fixes ; we keep improving to serve you the best solution for your security !

Thank you very much for all your feedbacks; bug & wish reports. We are checking every feedabck you are providing, sometimes we are even contacting with you for further details; we appreciate your great support on this ! Please keep them coming, and keep in touch!

Please stay tuned for our next release V1.2, which will have many improtant new features !

Note: Users with previous versions installed will receive an update with this release.

Thank you very much to you all in advance !!

What’s new in 1.1.387596.183B ?

Improvents and Fixes:

  • Sandbox compatibility improvement

Download Location

Comodo Cloud Antivirus Public Hotfix Release 1.1.387596.183B

Congrats with the new release. Good to see Comodo steadily improving CCAV. :slight_smile:

Does this by any chance affect EA’s Origin client overlay?


What does it means: “- Sandbox compatibility improvement” ???

What compatibility improvements fro sandbox are on this build?

Hi vitim,

The capability of sandboxed apps is improved for it to interact with system components.

For your information,

Kind Regards

Thats nice, thou that was not a problem for me but still, its a good update. what about system resources usage on this build, some improvements?

The Scanner+Antivirus is very slow.

30 mins for 500 Files? :-TD

Thanks for the new release :-TU

Could you elaborate on this a bit more? What system components can now be interacted with by sandboxed executables? And what type of interactions would that be?

The purpose of a sandbox is to protect system components so allowing more interaction will make the sandbox less secure. Could you comment on the chosen trade off between compatibility and security?

“Human Expert Analysis Overall verdict” in Valkyrie gives an incorrect result (Screenshot)

[attachment deleted by admin]

Have you objected the analysis?
BTW It’s CCAV topic, not Valkyrie topic.

I forgot that topic CCAV
Checked VirusTotal and Zeman, a malicious file.

I need smaller UI - popups - alerts :-TD
Because I have 1366x768 resolution. It is HD not Full HD. So I need smaller size icons interfaces.
Can you please make it smaller for the users like me?


At the same time you have other AV software?What the speed of scanning few files, such as tens of file? :-\

I would like some color change or advice on systray icon when a program go to sandbox.

On the way…,thanks for your advice.

Why is CCAV constantly sandboxing Intel Graphics driver/components (trey icons and stuff) even though I’ve set them to be run outside of sandbox? When I restart the tablet, it sandboxes them on every start again for no logical reason. Tablet is ACER Iconia W4 820 with Windows 10. It’s running Atom Z3740 quad core, not sure what type of graphics are on it exactly.

It happens also with CIS. I had to add them in the exclusion list and like that they are no longer sandboxed

Thanks Flykite, great to hear that :-TU

But they are in the trusted apps list as well as exclusion list. And yet they are still sandboxed for some reason.