Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.1.386793.166B Hotfix is Released!!!

Hi Everyone!

I’m very happy to announce that Comodo Cloud Antivirus V1.1.386793.166B hotfix version is now released !

Thank you very much for all your feedbacks; bug & wish reports. We are checking every feedabck you are providing, sometimes we are even contacting with you for further details; we appreciate your great support on this ! Please keep them coming, and keep in touch!

Please note that following major release will include a number ıf important new featrues and improvements, we are currently working on that; stay tuned! You will see what you expect to see on CCAV!

Note: Users with previous versions installed will receive an update with this release.

Thank you very much to you all in advance !!

What’s new in V1.1.386793.166B ?

Improvents and Fixes:

We have addressed many wishes and bugs/issues reported by our users in this release. Here are a selected few:

• Register sandbox in Windows Security Center
• “No connection to server” error
• Show reboot msgbox when user enables “show alert…” in sandbox setting after installation without reboot
• Valkyrie submission failure
• Manual Scan Speed Improvement

Download Location

Comodo Cloud Antivirus Public Hotfix Release V1.1.386793.166B

Thank you BuketB :-TU

Thank you

Nice update indeed but Ill pass an wait for 1.2 because of some features that where promissed to be there in 1.2 edition…

By the day, 1.2 is coming this week right? Or is 1.1.386793.166B some kind of “buy time for next release”?

Thank you for the release Buket. It’s good to see some important bugs fixed.

Don’t you want an improved version in the meanwhile?

By the day, 1.2 is coming this week right?
We're not starting a fishing expedition here, right?
Or is 1.1.386793.166B some kind of "buy time for next release"?
It's a hotfix release as clearly stated.

I strongly urge you to stop the innuendo that Comodo is shirking or leading its users on. That inflammatory dance will not be allowed. :P0l

You and various others are very keen on the development of CCAV. Which is good because it’s an exciting and very promising new product. From what I have seen until thus far is that Comodo has been working very ■■■■■■■ its development. So stop the excessive and continuous sometimes inflammatory urges to speed up. Builds will arrive when they are ready.


V1.2 is not coming this week , we need some time to work on important new features. I m sure you will like them! :slight_smile: We are very excited for V1.2, please keep waiting for it! I strongly recommend you to update your built to this hotfix built as it covers important improvements and fixes!

Kind Regards

Thanks for the update, It is more understandable now :wink:

Thank You BuketB. Keep it coming. CCAV for the win!!!

Thx for the update. Though it’s a bit of a shame CCAV wasn’t this on release day. It would gather a lot more positive experience from users. It seems to work great now, no cloud connectivity issues anymore.

Now you just have to sort out installers detection and it’ll be amazing. Problem is, it doesn’t sandbox the installer itself, but it still sandboxes any and all EXE’s from that installer that have no digital signature and that’s very annoying. It should be aware what came from signed installers/packages and trust it.

Installed on my Windows 7 x64 without issue and without any problems… Well done.

Thanks for the release. It’s getting better and better!

I’ve ran it thru my VM and I see it automatically submits files to Valkyrie.

I have some questions regarding that:

  1. If Valkyrie itself determines that the file is malicious, does it get deleted in my PC? Or only after human verification?
  2. If not, then when are you going to enable Valkyrie as cloud service that is autonomous and can react to files submitted via CCAV?

When I run malware, all of the files get submitted. After restart, system is clean but I don’t see any detections (Valkyrie analysis takes a minute or so).

Thanks in advance!

Hi Lord Ami,

Right now we dont have an action based on Valkyrie analysis result. It will be done with the next coming release V1.2. At the moment, the only action is to submit the files to Valkyrie for detailed analysis.

For your information,

Kind Regards

Hm, so you’re saying Valkyrie verdicts don’t affect future detections from cloud?

For example, I submit (or CCAV does that automatically) some unknown file to Comodo. Valkyrie identifies it as malware. What happens after that? Are you saying it just gets analyzed and the verdict isn’t feed back into the cloud (yet)?

Whait. So, CCAV doesnt receive answer from Valkyrie for files veredict?

If so, then whats the point of ccav? To be our sandbox app only? o.O I didnt get it, please some dev or BuketB explain this a little bit more?

May be Buket means to say that CCAV does not act upon a Valkyrie detection? That makes more sense.

Even so, its strange… If the antivirus module relies on valkyrie web analyses, and CCAV doesnt receive answer from valkyrie when sending files to analyses, so I assume ccav doesnt use valkyrie for local file veredyct. Right? Or wrong? (please God that im wrong)…

Buket speaks of acting upon a Valkyrie analysis result. That would imply a verdict was received from Valkyrie. But as far as I understand CCAV does not act when Valkyrie reports a file to be a malware. That malware should be safely in the sandbox. Other than that I don’t know why CCAV does not act upon a Valkyrie detection yet.

I’d like to see option to be able to turn off Auto Sandbox without entire CCAV interface turning red and showing warnings. Don’t ask me why I’d want this, I just find it incredibly annoying that you can’t make it ignore that status. For now I’d like to use CCAV without Sandbox because it’s so ■■■■ annoying. It’s sandboxing tons of stuff that CIS treats as safe and whitelisted.

Yes, there is a problem with this.
on CIS, I have no problem with sandboxing because all of my files are whitelested (I reported)
on CCAV, I enabled ask me option on sandbox. CCAV sandbox sometimes gives me alert about sandboxing (even on already whitelisted files) CCAV needs to be polished :-TU

This version of CCAV is blocking EA Origin in new Need for Speed game. Or more specifically, the overlay of it in a game. I couldn’t bring it up no matter what pressing Shift+F1. But after I’ve uninstalled CCAV, Origin Overlay within a game works fine again.

I have allowed all Origin/game files and nothing was sandboxed and yet it was still doing this somehow. Please fix.