Comodo Clone Machine

Ok I would love to see Comodo jump into the Virtual Desktop Clone arena and take on products like Wondershare Time freeze and Returnil.

It seems like where the security world is going anyway. I would love to see an easy to uninstall Virtualization suite secured with Comodo’s AV engine.

??? Why, if you already has Comodo Time Machine?

Well Comodo Time Machine is a System Restore and Returnil and Time Freeze are complete clones of the Windows OS almost like a sandboxed environment.

I see a big difference.

There is a big difference between then but it’s not what you’re saying.
Both Returnil and TimeFreeze can have only ONE snapshot (and it is NOT a complete clone of the OS or backup).
Comodo Time Machine could allow 1000 snapshots of the full system…

I really don’t know that much really. I don’t even know the difference between System Restore and Comodo Time Machine, is there a difference?

But if Comodo did go the distance and made a virtualization clone machine with 1000 snapshots that would be nice.

Of course there is a lot of differences.
Comodo Time Machine takes snapshots of the disk “surface” (technically, the sectors of the disk) and you can restore all your system (with all files, folders, settings, registry, etc. etc.) and not only some files and drivers like the problematic Windows System Restore one.

Comodo has already done it…