Comodo clobbers Syncrosoft license - thanks a bunch

I have just begun using Comodo Internet Security - and I wish I hadn’t.

As a sound editor I rely on various software packages including Steinberg’s Wavelab 6. This uses Syncrosoft license management - and Comodo has just wrecked it.

Even though set to the ‘low’ setting, Defense+ went into a panic when Wavelab was started, and now Wavelab won’t work. According to a pop-up from Syncrosoft, an attempt to reconfigure has meant my license has been suspended.

With a deadline looming, thanks a bunch Comodo. No, really, thanks a lot.

Hi IanMR,

Sorry to hear stuff went bad, but my guess would be that the software is started inside the sandbox, and that the license issue is caused by the limitations imposed by the sandbox.

I think if we get the software to run outside the sandbox it should function normally again.

Can you verify the ‘verdict’ level of the software components by going to Defense+ and click on ‘view active process list’.

Makes no difference - Wavelab still won’t run.

But I’ve cleared Comodo off my computer now, and although even that doesn’t help, it still feels good getting rid of it.

Once again, thanks a million.