Comodo Cleaning Essentials flags files Comodo Internet Security AV does not.

I downloaded Comodo Cleaning Essentials and tdskiller as advised.

CCE finds 5 virus/Malware/Suspicious[at]# That Comodo Internet security premium Antivirus does not.
CCE also flags:
Downloads\|TDSSKiller.exe TDK Packed.Win32.MUPX.Gen[at]129019204 VIRUS
even thoughit was downloaded from the link.
Virus database version: 11413

[12:37:00] Scan started.

====== Cleanup results ======

E:\Programfiler\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\unacev2.dll Heur.Packed.Unknown[at]4294967295 VIRUS Report OK
E:\Programfiler\CDisplay\UNACEV2.DLL Heur.Packed.Unknown[at]4294967295 VIRUS
E:\Programfiler\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\Quarantine\unacev2.dll Heur.Packed.Unknown[at]4294967295 VIRUS
E:\Programfiler\CPUID\HWMonitor\HWMonitor.exe Suspicious[at]#m8ev34gx2jr9 VIRUS
E:\Programfiler\IZArc\SFXS\IZArcZip.dat Heur.Packed.Unknown[at]4294967295 VIRUS
E:\Programfiler\Spotify\spotify.exe Suspicious[at]#3ba17wi0znfpf VIRUS Report OK
Virustotal has no hits from other then comodo.

Who should i “belive” ?

The Kaspersky tool is definitely safe. The problem is that with each new version that they release Comodo may detect it again. The problem comes from the way that it acts. It seems suspicious because of what it does. Don’t worry, it’s safe.

As for the other files, can you please check them using my advice given in How to Tell if a File is Malicious? I would guess that these are all safe files, but this is a way to be sure.


Comodo Instant Malware Analysis
Size 3998544
MD5 8c261809a45f258bed37dd110f8c75cf
SHA1 9b2cb83039c9aee5198e78d7a6e0e876401bffbb
SHA256 866dcf6e2df9d7454a75195aeddf01e434e3f6fb7d73f243d9e180190e0997a5
Process Active
VerdictAuto Analysis Verdict
• Description Suspicious Actions Detected
Disables windows firewall

only comodo flags it flags it once as malware and once as normal.

E:\Programfiler\CDisplay\UNACEV2.DLL Heur.Packed.Unknown[at]4294967295 VIRUS
comodo instant malware analysis
File InfoName Value
Size 73728
MD5 73dd5c2ce3cd134dc235a2d045a01000
SHA1 97ecdb985fdb58fa03ee2e578888b4e3f7cd4541
SHA256 6e72f1ecbba601a6b6f14bb3bd3f4e839726e6abf5d4c75997dcb63e68fc50ea
Process Failed

• VerdictAuto Analysis Verdict
Unexecutable flags once for malware and three times for normal…
And of course shows no virus.

So in short i guess that comodo cleaning essentials can´t be trusted for “normal” scans.

of course you can but you cant just blindly delete everything it finds

I dont delete the files. Those that i am unsure about, I put in quarantine. What i dont like is using 6 hours+ doing scans with these programs to try and verify if the flags are real or false because Comodo cleaning essentials is overeager ( for lack of a better descripton. ) when reporting malware etc.

Comodo internet security premium, antivirus,
Spybot search and destroy,
Malwarebytes Anti Malware,
Microsoft Essentials,

and newly,
comodo instant malware analysys ( )

The GOOD things i learned about CCE, is the Killswitch and Autoruns parts of the package that i trust.