COMODO Cleaning Essentials 1.7.192479.98 Released!

Where is the source code for this release…? 88)

What would you rather have it do then? Click once - sort ascending. Click twice - sort descending. Click three times - no sort (tree).

The Fullscan repeats in Documents and Settings/All Users endless

Win7 x64

Now it’s back to 1.6?

Read carefuly, please 88)

Note: The file names in the URLs contain a different version number from the binaries. Sorry for the confusion this might cause.

I had no idea about an alternative strategy. I simply had no idea at all… my mind simply had not clicked anywhere with it…:wink: :smiley:

Its the same KS. No change in KS.

      1. :-TD Keep violating the GPL guys. Please.

Would you please capture a screen-shot to us? We are looking in to the issue. If there is a bug we will fix it.
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Hello and Thank you,

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the scan run up to the same folder …\All Users.… and then endless
The same problem by CIS 5.3/5.4 with scan in safe mode

edit: Defense+ was deactivated

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Hi wj32:
We only updated the version number and binary digest. they have been checked in.
Thank you for kindly reminding us.

Please try to custom scan(Not full scan) C:\ and tell us the scan result.

Thanks a lot.

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Sorry, but is the same result

Hello, please see my post in the regional branch (I do not know much English, so I use a translator)!HERE(Use google translator)…
I look forward to an explanation of the creators, or experienced users!Thank you for your work!

The latest x64 download is
but the cce version it installs is cce_1.7.192498

Read the first post in this topic. :wink:

So I can’t seem to select a custom scan folder. I’d like to select C:\Users\specificuser, but it just gives me an X and when I try and say OK, it says I have to select a location to scan for a custom scan… Latest version.

Why is it that if you download CCE from Comodo site you have to fill in the info first, but if you download it from the forum it downloads directly?


It could be that the forum members have already filled their info once.

But, if it is the same for non members too… I do not know why…

No, not the same for non members. One have to login to download CCE from forums.


Either way, very worth while to have this tool in ones arsenal! ;D