COMODO Cleaning Essentials 1.5.181743.64 RC2 Ready!

Tested and working smoothly, but what about killSwitch using force execution mode(I guess members know this), I thought it was going to be implemented

This software always eats up every little piece of memory it can get, causing it to stop working.
My testing environment is Windows 7 x32 in VirtualBox.

I tried to clean severe malware registry changes and the next time a TDSS 4 infection.
Comodo always begins to eat up all memory while scanning clean files like sidebar.exe oder autoexec.cfg.

KIS works perfectly.

Quote from: jay2007tech on March 03, 2011, 11:49:30 AM I think I'm going to intentionally cripple the living hell out of windows 7 on another computer later, if it fails to fix it I'll report back >:-D
Seems to pass my tests, maybe I'm not being creative enough in trashing windows 7 :o >:-D

Seems as if we get closer and closer to theh final release. Keep adding great features Comodo team! ;D

As far as I know, MBAM does it, HitmanPro can remove proxy/port settings from lan to restore connectivity, Norton Power Eraser sometimes detects hosts file [flags it at first but on online check it says it’s safe].
Kaspersky checks for vulnerability settings like autorun and such…
So basically, without CCE, MBAM with Hitman and NPE would need to be utilized for complete or near complete infestation. In most extreme cases, Doctor Web bootable disk can help a lot.
It would be nice if CCE could run bootable, like in Linux environment and clean any virus it finds to prevent rogues from patching it or have force breach mode like in hitman [holding CTRL key]…

Still no DACS behind proxy. :frowning:

Just a note for those of us that don’t do so well with certain colors.
There desperately needs to be WAY more contrast at the bottom of the main screen when it is updating.
I can barely see the red on the gray.

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Hello :slight_smile:

CCE can’t identify (FLS.Unknown) two safe files from a Canon Printer and t-online netzmanager.
Where can I send this .exe-files ?

Greetings, my good sir!
Please, refer yourself to this thread:
Provide information as per guide [page 1, post 1] and your problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

Thanks, but this files are not sandboxed by CIS

My bad. Are you seeing them in killswitch? If so, they probably didn’t upload because of file size or there must be an error in transmission.

Yes in KillSwitch, the files are 10Kb and 100 Kb

I guess all you can do is wait until it gets processed on Comodo servers and ends up on virus database as safe. :-TU

OK @GakunGak and Thank you

Glad to be of assistance!

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kill swicth is getting by the day keep up the good work :110:

Yeah it is but I hope KillSwitch does something similar that of Hitman Pro’s Force breach feature so that malware won’t stop KillSwitch from executing :slight_smile:

The download links are down.