COMODO classified incorrectly? as a Worm


I have been using the free version of Comodo firewall for some time
now and I like it very much. However, my startup mechanic told me
today that it contains a VBS.Ypsan.G WORM. More specifically, the file which opens COMODO automatically when I fire up my computer has been classified as that worm. How do I get rid of that file
without uninstalling COMODO or without disabling COMODO? I do want to continue using it. I can’t find a contact for your support
services, probably because I’m using the free version.

Can you help. Obviously I will have to uninstal COMODO if I can’t get
an answer.

Do you honestly think that something you’ve been using “for some time now” suddenly developed a virus? More likely a recent up date to your AV is reporting a false positive, a very common thing for AVs to do.

Hopefully you can configure your AV to ignore the Comodo file and will report the false positive to your AV vendor so they can correct their patterns.

And the EXACT name and full path of the file that opens COMODO would be …??

We need this info beofre we can advise further.

Ewen :slight_smile:

be sure you download it from official download site here: