Comodo clashed with firefox

Hi guys, I have firefox 4.0.1, latest comodo. There seems to be some sort of memory leek in comodo as firefox is on and off freezing while loading a webpage. All is well again after closing comodo. (well comodo actually crashed)

seriously annoying, started happening after 2 updates ago. Also seems to slow other things down too. With my system specs, this should not be happening.

using windows 7 64 bit on a HP G61.

If comodo crashes even one time, the entire security of your system has failed and everything you have on your computer is theoretically lost.

What process is crashing? Cfp.exe of cmdagent.exe?

Does this happen with a clean install of FF too?

Which extensions/plug-ins have you installed in fx?

that has to be the most ■■■■■■■■ thing I have ever seen on a forum. And I’ve seen allot of forums.

addblock plus
download manager tweak
download staus bar
download helper
element hiding helper
java console
movable firefox button
no script
tab mix plus

both processes crashed at once. This happened after I exited comodo from the tray (was hoping the whole lot would close so I could see if it was comodo causing the prob)

I use several of the same extensions with fx and, so far at lease, I’ve not seen any problems. To investigate this it would be helpful if you would perform a few simple steps and report back.

First, open fx and select menu button/web developer/error console. Select the errors button and look for anything related to the problem at hand. Following that, I’d like you to create a new clean profile and see if the same problem occurs. Please don’t add any extensions or additional plug-ins to the new profile.

Creating a new profile allows you to keep your old profile and you may switch between them easily.

I’d also like you to take a look at the events in the Defence+ logs, (assuming you’re using D+) for anything related. if you’re not sure, export the log and attach it here.