Comodo CIS7 - Why are people lazy OPINION

Ok, first off, this is almost a review of somekind. I hope you read it Melih. I know it’s been out for a while and people are always telling you that it sucks, but we know better.

I’m new on the forum. Also, english is not my native language. But I’ve been using Comodo Firewall for years since version 4 or 5. I’m now using CIS7 and I can’t understand how people can say that CIS7 is not user friendly, it’s difficult to work with it, you have to jump through hoops to do anything…

Do you people actually take the time to discover what the program has to offer? Do you use its widget? Do you know what “Advanced Settings” mean? Have you tested other security softwares to compare there old to new ui’s?

So on the brink of a possible new release, here’s an opinion (review style) .

CIS6 looked like a computer game. Not bad looking, but it remmembered me of some casual games out there like match-3 style.

CIS7 looks more professional. Although similar to CIS6, it has that bitdefender/avg style. The options of previous versions are all there. From the first screen you get and informative and minimalistic briefing of what CIS is doing. If you click on the upper right Tasks arrow, you get to the basic options of the program. In advanced tasks, just click with the right mouse button, add to taskbar and voilá you have all the advanced options in the widget and on the home screen.

Let’s get crazy and also add killswitch and traffic monitor to it. WOW, that was easy. And voilá, you don’t have to jump through hoops to get to all the precious options.

As for the look of it. I like it. It’s not a game, it’s not a media player. It’s a security program. I have a low-end system, and it doesn’t slow my system down, and it takes about 2-3 seconds to open a scan/options window.

To compare it to other security software, till recently I used Avast+Comodo Firewall combo, and Avast slowed my system to a crawl on some ocasions. Manual reboot was necessary.

Also, Avast and AVG recently changed their appearence. While AVG still has a functional UI, in AVAST you have to change so many options, go through so many screens and windows just to create a secure environment…

Well, the bottom line is this: I think people are lazy. People are lazy with new Windows versions (Windows 8… I Hated it, till I took the time to learn about it) , people are lazy to new UI’s… They just don’t take the time to know what they have.

I still don’t understand why people drive new cars. Horses and carriages People!!! You are doing it all wrong.

Melih, the UI is perfect. If you want to simplify it due to constant naggins, go ahead. But for the 1% of people that take time to study it, there’s nothing to change. Only upgrade!

Thank you for this amazing piece of software. ;D

Hey Space_marine, the problem is not the interface. Its the bugs on that interface (or background of cis)…

I do agree though that the interface has gotten much better from V6 to V7. If people use the widget most issues are fixed. However, not everyone likes the widget. Also, for users who want more granular control it is still a bit clunky. The WishList area has a few wishes, which have been submitted (and someone already sent to the devs for consideration) which could help with this. If you have not already, please visit the Wish Waiting Area and vote on the ones which seem helpful.


Yes, I agree that it’s buggy sometimes. On 2 Win7 systems, after installing CIS7 and rebooting OS and opening CIS7 as admin I couldn’t change any advanced options. Every change I made, it changed back to default 1 sec after. I’ve had to wait 5 minutes or so 'till I could make any changes in advanced options.

Also, uninstalling is a real pain. And it glitched on a few systems after system restore.

But besides that, on XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8, I’ve never had a single hickup or slowdown. I had worst problems with Avast Free.

I’ll do that, thanks ;D

My opinion is that the interface in CIS 6/7 is good, but it could be a lot better, because it is not much “mouse-pointer friendly” I guess. It suits more Touch Screen devices, because the buttons feel like they were made to be “touched”, instead of clicked.

But this is happening with almost all security software lately, because Microsoft forces the companys to build the interfaces based on “Metro”. And a lot of people don’t like Metro. Me included. I believe Microsoft made all things worse with this “Metro” thing.

The current CIS interface (the same thing applies for other AV’s interfaces as well) does not scream “security software” anymore. It indeed looks like some computer game or some kind of spaceship…

Even Comodo System Utilities has a interface that would be much better suited for a security product than the current CIS interface.

If CIS interface was built based on this, with some minor changes, it would be much better in my opinion.

I like v7 GUI; panel flipping between Advanced Tasks and home GUI is smartly organized. I like the ability to edit Firewall & HIPS rules in the same session before updating. If I’m not mistaken, new file-groups, network zones and port sets are immediately available for use in rules, rather than having to update and relaunch the rules editor - the old v5 way is a pain contrasted to v7.

I wish that system responsiveness wasn’t so deleteriously affected by CIS updating, and dragging items within v7 lists should be more responsive - akin to how fluid that works in v5. But the tools available at the bottom of the listview window are good enhancements too.

I’m likin’ v7, its lamentable it can’t be installed on Win2003; I’m stuck on last incarnation of v5 there.

I also like CIS 7. But after watching a CIS 8 Beta review on Youtube, I feel like CIS 8 is a step back.

This is a test/review to CIS 8 Beta. When the reviewer adresses the HIPS and Sandbox options, there’s a huge difference compared to the CIS 7 options. Although Sandbox is more user friendly in CIS 8 Beta, and by user friendly I mean “don’t touch! It may ■■■■■ up your pc”, there’s also a lack of advanced options.

It’s good to see that Viruscope has it’s own tab now.

The rest seems the same to me… and that’s a good thing. :smiley:

Also the reviewer says that the virus/malware definitions in Comodo are not great, as always. It would be nice to see more research in that area, since most reviewers said the same thing in past versions.

Hi Space_Marine,
Sometimes one step back is required to move two steps forward. :wink:

Kind regards.

+1 They, really, really need to do something about that.