Comodo CIS ver 5 causing Windows 7 x64 BSOD with Avast users

I saw this thread at the avast forums earlier and some of them there are pointing to Comodo as culprit to the BSOD issues they have with Avast version 5 and 6. I do not use Avast but a friend is and he told me about it. I don’t think it’s Comodo that’s causing it. While I am still a newbie in CIS and am not really knowledgeable as to the settings(I ask if I don’t know)…I feel it’s quite unfair.

The post is here:

Any comments on this guys(especially the experienced users here).

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If I am not mistaking I read somewhere on Avast’s forums that v6 can cause BSOD. Tell you friend to try to install Avast without the sandbox and the block behavior.

I won’t read the complete topic but I would like to know which of them where installed first; CIS isn’t causing BSOD.

Valentin N

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@Valentin N,

Thanks for the reply.

I was the one who installed CISver5 on her pc . It was fine actually. Been checking it(because she’s still learning from me from the added security she asked me to teach her --only what I know is safe and proven from guys like you here.) I installed CIS first and have placed both under their respective exclusions.

This was on a Windows 7 x32 and an XP SP3 dual boot pc. (The XP SP3 has KAV 2011).

A couple of friends also who are using AIS ver6 with CISver5 has no problems really…only one with avast updates has. There has been reports of some bugs with installation BSOD (with AISver6) and manual updates but in general it’s okay. One of them coming from Avira Personal (and we know how slow and sometimes erratic the Avira free version is in updating) has no problems with CIS either.

So on me it’s not CIS but Avast. So the claim that it’s CIS is not okay for me.


Sorry for posting it here as I am still learning here. I thought that since “they” (–some guys at the avast forums) are stating that CIS is the one causing problems and not avast…I thought that members should know…

There was no intention here but to well…defend my preference which is Comodo…

I wasn’t rreporting any issue with my installation because as I stated I was asking for comments only and you have clearly pointed my mistake and again I am sorry for that.

May I request that it be moved to the proper forum…? If it can be please kindly do so at your liesure.

Again pardon for the mistake.

Is the problem you are referring to the same problem as in Avast claims Comodo FW bug?

Moving your topic.

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