Comodo CIS v10 versions Question?.

I updated to V10.0.0.6092 some weeks back. visiting the forums today I saw a post saying that v10.0.0.6111 was the latest version, but on checking my install as well as the download page here, both state v10.0.0.6092.Which is correct?.

That’s Comodo Cleaning Essentials, not Comodo Internet Security

Firstly thanks for the reply. Can you explain in laymans terms what exactly CCE does, is it a program like CCleaner or a malware scanner like Superantispyware?. I have used Comodo Security since V5.0 and have got comfortable in my use of it and don’t visit the forums as often as perhaps I should. i am also 67yrs old hence the laymans terms option, again thanks.

CCE (Comodo Cleaning Essentials) is a set of portable applications designed for removal of threats (aka cleanup computers infected with unknown/unwanted/malicious programs).

Thank you for the reply.