Comodo CIS v 6.

I have been using Comodo CIS v 5 (latest) for quite a while and noticed that a New Version had been released v 6. I decided to update to the new version 6 and after only a short while wished I hadn’t.
I completely removed v 5 and installed v 6 without problem but after install my PC would lock up and take forever to open/load programmes and folders. ( My PC is running Windows XP, Physical Memory 1534mb, Hard Disk 149GB, Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.80 GHz.)
I have now completely removed v 6 and reinstalled v 5 and my PC is back to normal.
Has anyone else had this problem with the New CIS. v 6. :(???
If this is the wrong place to post this, then I apologize in advance.

When did you install version 6?

I ask because a few days ago they released an update which solved a problem for Windows XP users which caused their computers to load very very slowly. I believe there were also some other issues fixed.

You may want to try reinstalling it, by following the advice I give in this post (Do not import your old configuration as there may be problems with that). If, even after reinstalling it by following those steps, you still experience these freezes it would be very helpful if you could create a bug report in this section of the forum. Be sure to follow the format provided in this post.

Thank you.

Thanks for reply Chiron.

I installed it approx 7 days ago and uninstalled it yesterday 03.05.13. I did receive an update whilst it was installed about two days ago.

I installed and set it up as per instructions

I set it up initially with Pro Active Security, but then re- set it to the default setting after my PC was very slow, this did not help. When I tried opening My Documents or Music/Video folders it would take forever.

I removed it with Comodo Programme Manager and reinstalled v 5 and my PC is back to normal.

I don’t intend re-installing for a few more weeks hoping that any faults may have been overcome. When I do re install if I have any problems with it I will re post.

I posted because I was wondering whether I was a one off.

Thanks once again for replying so quickly it is very much appreciated.

I believe the newest version was released on April 28th.

If you uninstalled before installing that update it’s probably worth reinstalling by following my methods. It apparently fixed most issues Windows XP users were experiencing. Hopefully it fixed your as well.

Hi Chiron,

Thanks for that, I would have updated v 6 after the 28th.

No problem, I will await as I previously stated to see what further updates materialize.

I see after I posted that there have been others who have experienced slow downs etc.

If you were using a version which was supposed to have those problems fixed, I would strongly sugest that you upgrade to the newest version by following the advice I give in this post.

Then, if the problems continue, it would be very helpful if you could create a bug report. Without a bug report it’s unlikely that the issue will be fixed for you.