Comodo CIS Update not working, error 0x80004002 - fed up


This is a problem I’ve had from time to time across later versions, currently using V5.5.
I think it was an upgrade install which when completed left the update service crippled with an error 0x80004002 and a yellow exclamation mark in the systray.

Uninstalled then reinstalled
Cleaned with revo uninstaller (free) and reinstalled
Uninstalled and then used cleanup tool reinstalled
Updated bases.cav manually
Downloaded new version of CIS, uninstalled/ reinstalled.

Still the issue remains, what have I missed?

Is there a “how to” or tech note for this problem that I can follow to save traipsing across the internet and the forums for snippets of procedures. One thing has to be causing this across different versions, I’m a bit fed up :-\

Are you referring to the av updater? The error usually occurs when CIS is not able to connect.

I cannot give you a definitive answer about the problem though.

May be left overs of previously installed security programs are in the way. Please make sure none of them are no longer present.

Try using removal tools for those programs to remove them. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase .

base update problem (see attach)
new system - XPsp3 rus ,x86 (32-bit) P4-1800, 1Gb RAM, HDD 320G (~empty)
CIS - up to date,
internet work good (i post from this system, (opera 9))
(sorry my english - google translate from rus)

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Hi guys,
The instructions found here are worth a try as numerous updater issues have been solved this way.
Kind regards.

I have the same problem only when I try to upgrade the virus database (It’s OK for update version).
This problem occur thince I went in a factory with a proxy and an startup program who give the proxy address to lNternet Explorer.
In my house, I have erased the proxy information of IE, and I had verified that Comodo has no proxy definition.
With the free program “CurrPorts”, I can see, which programs are running and which URL address are used.
When I make an “program update”, the program “cfpupdate.exe”, make a connection with the good commodo address.
When I try to upgrade the virus database, the program “cmdagent.exe” use the proxy address of IE, and the upgrade fail.
How can I erase this bad information ?

Many thanks

Can you try, More, Preferences, Connections and press the ‘Import from IE’ to see if it still pre-sets the previous proxy?


It’s the first thing that I have tested. No result, the program “cmdagent.exe” still continue to use the bad address.

Many thanks

Can you verify the value’s under HKLM\System\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Options\Proxy


If UseProxy is still set to 1 (active) please reboot in to safe-mode and change it to 0 (zero, inactive) next reboot to see if that works.


Proxy value is 0 and there is no proxy address define and no proxy port.

BUT, the “cmdagent.exe” program still try to connect to the proxy address and port address (8080).

It seems than an other program, or and other information overwrite these register informations.

When I search, the values of the proxy with the associated port, I can see than they appairs in this file.

No possibility to modify this file…

Many thanks

Do you still have that program that changed your proxy settings? this might reveal what it has changed and this way we should be able to reverse the issue.

Unfortinatly, if I will known the origin of the program, I will try to modify it.

The Internet Explorer program, has no proxy and theses informations are not refreched by the “shadows” program.

For information, the “cmdagent.exe” program, try to connect to the proxy port 8080 with its originate address, port 8080… not 80 !!!

What differences between the two programs “cmdagent.exe” and “cfpupdat.exe” ??

Many thanks

Can you try the following setup a dummy proxy in CIS and reboot see if it then tries to connect to the new value or the old host?
Something like port 3128

I have tried with a dummy proxy address (and port). The new address is used for program update and virus database update.
I suppress this proxy address (no proxy). program update call the good address. Virus database update continue to use the dummy proxy address.

I have found a workaround with:
Proxy address validate
Proxy address =
Port 80

Both program update and virus database update works fine
Many thanks for your help


I have made a mistake; the workaround works with these following configuration:

Proxy address validate
Proxy address (=
Port 80

Many thanks

Although not exactly how it should be it seems to work.

But it’s work !!

I have found this address when there where a problem to made a program update.

I made a test with the address, but it’s not work.

I thing there is a bug in the “cmdagent.exe” program, who do not erase the proxy setting informations when the tag “proxy” is erased or not selectred.

Many thanks for your help


With the last program version (today), the speeder configuration for me in France is:

Proxy address validate
Proxy address who is the alternate address for “
Port 80

NOTA: This problem is not still solve in the last uptade

Merry Xmas

LIRU, many thanks for this solution! I allowed myself to repost it in another (more popular) thread on the same topic. Cheers!