Comodo (CIS) not on Microsoft's AV partners list?

Hi all, Why is Comodo (CIS) not added to this list? Thanks

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Because you need to pay, and pay hard, to Microsoft to be there… Just that.

We don’t need that list!
Who used Comodo just need a great tech to help keep safe & save anything.
Over half at the list is junk and rubbish.
They just have a lot money, not have powerful/useful tech.

At last, there is an important thing: on list, you have to pay! Partners list? Payer list!

Thanks to Eric, Tech and Misha, for the answers and help, but you do wonder if the number of extra Comodo users it would generate would outwiegh the cost, just a thought. I guess Comodo has already done some research. Thanks again and have a great day.

Only thing i see on that list worth having is Kaspersky anyways… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nooo noo no;; the only thing that is worth having is the laptop that they advertise so you can install CIS on it and keep it forever :smiley:

You mean you want CIS to come pre- installed on some computers?This I’m afraid will cost too much to Comodo. Companies like Symantec and Mcafee pay huge sums of money for this.

Oh no no no. Never: I was just wanting the laptop… thats all that i would buy from that page…


Oh I

I won’t say that… The vast majority of the companies are respectful ones.
I miss Avira on that list…

Comodo is free. They will only get market share…

:-TU :smiley: