Comodo CIS issue with Lenovo Access connection [M2239]

I have Lenovo laptop which I’ve been using for 5+ years running Win Pro 7 x64. For my connection via wireless or Ethernet, I’ve been using Lenovo Access Connection Manager which I have profiles that manages my connections. I’ve been using Comodo CIS premium since version 7 till 9. In my Access Connection manager, whenever I was connected via wireless or Ethernet, The progress indicator always worked. See attached. Last week, I was prompted to upgrade to comodo internet security premium 10 which I did. The upgrade didn’t go as well which left off the older version of CIS. But I noticed the Lenovo Access connection progress indicator wasn’t working anymore. All my settings and configuration for CIS was still in there. I decided to uninstall the internet security premium 10 and ran some of the tools I found on this form to clean up the older version. After making sure CIS wasn’t installed, the lenovo access connection progress indicator was working again.

So I decided to do fresh install. After installation of internet security premium 10, I noticed the progress indicator wasn’t working as it should. Seems like whenever it is disabled, I have to launch the access connection manager, Tools, Global Settings, Notification Tab,
and uncheck the “Display the progress indicator windows…” and “Show Access Connection Gauge…”. Then click OK to remote it, then
go back to the same setting and check those two option which displays the progress indicator… However if I reboot the laptop,
the same symptoms happens again.

has anyone experienced this? Is there a setting I am missing in this new internet security premium 10 version? I have allowed
Access Connection Manager as trusted app, but no lock.


You can try to add the application the detect shellcode injections exclusion. Reboot or restart the application after it has been added to the exclusions.

Unfortunately that didn’t help. I did that per your suggestion and issue is same. I have another Lenovo laptop w/ Access connection manager and no CIS 10 installed which access connection progress indicator works fine. I was able to install to install older version of CIS that I had, and it works fine.

Is this the same application so that comodo can fix the incompatibility with it. Page Not Found - Lenovo Support US if not can you provide a download link.

Edit: never mind issue reported.

Reported the issue. Thanks.

// bug 2239

Thanks for reporting this as a bug. Let me know if additional info is needed.


From Comodo : “Technically, changing current behavior will lead to vulnerability so the issue won’t be fixed.”

This is a poor excuse. The software shouldn’t be blocking a legit application from a legit vendor (Lenovo) from functioning properly. It’s unclear how you came to conclusion that the behavior will lead to vulnerability. In this case, I will discontinue using Comodo products since it breaks applications. Other AV vendors don’t have this problem, but only Comodo.

From Comodo : “Technically, changing current behavior will lead to vulnerability so the issue won’t be fixed.”

I pointed out your issue for a recheck. Not sure if it helps. If I may ask, in order to avoid misunderstanding, what exactly did not work properly? Based on my understanding, only the taskbar indicator is broken.

Many thanks and sorry for the late reply.