Comodo CIS/FW 5.12.256249.2599 Updates

Hi Comodo Admin & Mods,

I have a Question, I am still using Comodo Firewall 5.12.256249.2599 and every time I try to update it, it says that my product is “up-to-date”.

Q: Do you folks update 5.12 anymore? Or since CIS 6.0 has been released 5.12 will not be updated and therefore I will continue to get my product is “up-to-date” message forever? ???


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V5.12 won’t get any more updates to the actual 5.12 application, however it will get an update to V6 eventually, was supposed to come in the end of Feb, but as we all know that didn’t happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi SanyaIV,

Thanks for your reply … Appreciate it.

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Yes, it has YET to happen

To SanyaIV and the rest of the forum:

I’m in the same position as gonwk, the OP.

Rather than waiting and in the interests of security, I’m prepared to uninstall my Ver. 5 Comodo FW and install the latest version of Comodo Firewall 6, even though I’ll lose all my Version 5 settings.

My gut feeling is receiving the benefits of the enhancements in FW 6, now, as compared to Ver. 5, are worth the time it will take to install and learn Version 6, and have it learn my programs from the get go, rather than waiting until sometime in the future when Comodo offers to update my Version 5.

Am I missing anything in my analysis above?

I am also curious as to whether there is a Comodo product, paid or otherwise, which offers a more robust firewall (standing alone, irrespective of AV and other features bundled with the FW) than you get with the free stand alone Comodo FW Ver. 6 (a/k/a Comodo Firewall 2013)? Nella

Look, I realize that I’m not a paying customer, that I should be grateful for what I do get and not complain, …

But. When I’m using a security product that supposedly regularly auto-updates, I expect it to actually auto-update, or alternately, to warn me with a HUGE flashing sign that it is not / will no longer be updating. The fact that my Comodo Firewall 5.12.256249.2599 not only doesn’t update, but actually claims, when I bothered manually checking, that it is “up-to-date” does not inspire confidence. This is even more annoying considering that this has happened to me with a previous version of the firewall.

So lesson learned: I should stop being so trusting. But how can I recommend/install Comodo products for non-technically-proficient people when I know that they will unknowingly end up with an out-of-date security product?

V5 users will get auto-update eventually, the developers want to be absolutely certain that everything works correctly with V6.x and the actual transition before they push the update, so something that says you won’t get any further updates would be lying. However if you do an update look in the application, in my opinion it should not say up-to-date, it should explain that the updates are available however that it won’t auto update until later versions, however I think the application would need an update just to show that. ^-^‘’

Im sorry i dont wish to appear rude.
But why dont you just uninstall version 5.12 and download and install version 6.1,i assume this is what you are trying to achieve.

Even when v5.12 does issue an update internally you will be still required to uninstall 5.12 and install the new version.


Indeed however I think that they will try to carry over the relevant settings from V5 to V6 and discard any setting that is no longer present in V6. Though I think you should be able to import V5.12 configuration files, no? Anyway I don’t know for sure but I’d guess that is one answer.

We don’t recommend importing v5 profile in v6. Rather let the updater do its work.

Or when not waiting for the updater according to Dennis2 you can install v6 on top of v5 (without uninstalling v5.12). It will preserve v5 configuration and make it available in v6; you need to activate it in v6.

“why dont you just uninstall version 5.12 and download and install version 6.1”

  1. Note that this becomes relevant only after I actually went out of my way to find out that there is a new version that my program is not updating to. Sure, visiting this web site is not a great effort, but I’m guessing that many people won’t do that. And if I set up Comodo for my old Mom in another city, well, there’s no way she can do an uninstall/reinstall.

  2. As to your suggestion, as others have said, I’d rather not lose my settings, and then I need to worry my pretty little head about whether I can save/import the settings, what will happen if I try to install v6 over v5, etc


  1. I certainly appreciate the fact that you [Comodo] don’t want to push an update before you’re sure everything’s fine. My question/concern is how secure the ~1/2-a-year-old version 5.12.256249.2599 is. Could you in good conscience recommend that someone install it today? If so and if the updater will soon do its work, consider me mollified.

In my eyes V 5.12 is almost just as secure. The only major difference, to me, is that the default settings for V6 are slightly more powerful as they will block most types of ransomware (although blocking all with V6 requires changing the BB level to Limited). V5 required special changes in the configuration in order to accomplish that.

Therefore, I don’t see a major security risk for allowing many users to stay with V5.12 for this long. I assume Comodo sees it the same way, and that’s why they are trying to make sure the change to V6 is seen as an upgrade rather than a downgrade.

Hi Chiron,

I still consider myself a Newbie to Firewall and AVs … so with that said, I am running V5.12 in it’s default mode, nothing special, I am running CFW in “Safe Mode” and Have “Sanbox Security Level” ON (which I am not sure if it is doing anything) … I did have “Defense +” on Safe Mode … but AVIRA keep Crying about it so I turned off the Defense + …

Q1: So, I am running v5.12 correctly?

Q2: Do you recommend any Tweaks to it?


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Please check your PM.

What is the internal difference between this instal CIS 6.x over CIS 5.12,
compared to supposed way of awaited CIS live updater ?

The one thing what comes to my mind is
Overinstalling creates default CIS 6 profile + somehow imported CIS 5
CIS online update somehow imported CIS 5 profile directly to CIS 6 default profile ?

But I am just guessing…
I am balancing between curiosity about CIS 6
and conservativeness of not fixing of working things.

Between seaving my health by keeping CIS5 confing versus freshness of default CIS6 profiles,
possibly making from that better configuration.

And I hope, that CIS6 got finally rid from those FW/HIPS application lists,
where sorting / searching is so inconvenient… ( or I am dumb )

Hi Chiron,

I have not been on Comodo Forum for a while … I just saw your comment about “Check Your PM” … I am on various Forums … and this Comodo Forum must be the WEIRDEST setup (to me anyway) that I have seen … it is Hell to find anything on the Forum and get around … even trying to find my PM Box is like pulling my tooth.

Anyway, I think I cheched my PM and I saw Nothing … or am I missing something???


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Hi folks,

I am still on COMODO Firewall 5.12.256249.2599 and everyday when I run Check for updates … Nothing Updates and it says I am Still Updated.

Q1: Shouldn’t there be any Definitions of some sort to get updated?

Q2: Is this version of Comodo Firewall still SAFE? Or do I need to go to version 6?

Q3: If need to go version 6, what is the BEST Dummy-Proof way to do it?


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That’s normal. Eventually 6.2 will come on the automatic updater.

[b]Q1:[/b] Shouldn't there be any Definitions of some sort to get updated?
Not when using firewall only
[b]Q2:[/b] Is this version of Comodo Firewall still SAFE? Or do I need to go to version 6?
It's still safe to use.
[b]Q3:[/b] If need to go version 6, what is the BEST Dummy-Proof way to do it?


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Please follow Chiron’s How to Install Comodo Firewall article on Tech Support.