Comodo CIS does alter modification date on files due to HIPS+

After I did install Comodo CIS I moved some files from my NAS to a exFAT volume in mirror.
I always do an additional a binary check of the files. They are copied perfectly, the binary check does match. (using Beyond Compare)
So this is not due to some infected situation.

HOWEVER, Comodo does change the modification date of .exe, .js, or .exe.bak files !

Strange because I did set in the software to exclude that drive (exclude path) using the drive letter in all sections.

So it is HIPS+, and You can’t disable it at all, the checkbox does not command HIPS to stop.

This is NOT done. Some .js files are part of a webdev project, due to this behavior I messed up all dates of those files due to Comodo CIS.

After some research on the internet people indicate it is the HIPS+ security, it can be disabled with a checkbox on the bottom of the dialog.
Guess ?! I check disable and it still does alter my dates. You can’t disable HIPS+

I did remove completely the software and the behavior did stop.

This is a huge flaw in Your software. A scanner should not alter at all the files. Other software does relate on the dates of a file, like backup software,
some versioning software (dev) or in this case software to compare your files or I do have a wrong ‘modification date’

I am sorry but this is basic. Your software put a lot of extra security measures and in this case You program a major bug/flaw.

Again, a virus scanner should NEVER change your original files INCLUDING date stamps of the file. I removed completely your software and I don’t trust your solutions anymore.
This did messed up a lot of my data. >:-D

I saw several other issues like the browser modification protection.

I moved my old settings of my browser from my nas to the dedicated data drive. Those settings have NOTHING to do with the settings of my current browser in the OS.

The software signals there is an attempt to change my browser settings ? Hugh ? I copy from source to destination drive, old settings (backup). It has nothing to do with the integrated browser in the OS.

I am very disappointed in such elementary situation you should known !

By default Comodo CIS should NEVER alter any file. ADS or not. If a scanner starts to alter files this is malware, intended or not.
I lost complete trust in this software

CIS 10 beta no longer uses ADS to track file origin therefore does not alter files timestamps or append its own ADS. Also you can disable this option by disabling ‘enable file source tracking’ in the current 8.4 release Configure Rules for Auto-Sandbox, Sandbox Security Software | internet Security

I’ve just removed CIS because it’s changing timestamps and God knows what else. Interfering with some windows updates. Makes impossible to have EA Origin or UPlay client games on a Samba - NAS… If there is a solution You should push update on every client installed around ASAP! This is a kind warning before it goes public.