Comodo CIS constant disk activity

In Windows XP Pro, 32bit

I’ve been using Comodo CIS for years, but a number of months ago something started doing something which caused constant hard disk activity. It took ages to see that it was some sort of I/O activity then to pin it down to constant writes at a rate of about 70/min. Eventually suspected it was Comodo writing to a log file.

I could kill active bits in Task Manager and the high disk activity would stop, but sometimes stop on its own. Seemed to be activated if I browsed through folders of files or opening programs.

I’ve now removed Comodo CIS and the constant disk activity has stopped. Would like to put it back but not if it is going to cause these problems. Made the system go from quick to extremely slow. Seems to be a problem that can’t fully turn off logging, but other suggestions welcome.

Ran with only the checked as active. Ran virus scans only on demand.

Did you try disabling the logging function to see if that was causing the performance issue?

I have noticed on later versions of Windows that CIS can be dragged along by mcbuilder.exe (Memory Cache builder; it’s a Windows system file that sits in the system32 folder). I don’t know if it exists on Win XP. But it is not constantly during the Windows session. It will run for approx 10-20 minutes.

Adding mcbuilder.exe to the Exclusions of the CIS AV worked miracles on my older underpowered Netbook running Win 8.

It’s unfortunate XP does not have an elaborate Resource Monitor as Vista and later. It is really helpful to nail down not too complex performance issues.

Yes, had all the logging turned off in CIS. Ended up with only the firewall running by setting on its control panel but other things seem to run which can’t be turned off. I’m not on that machine at the moment so don’t know if mcbuilder.exe is running. I also have indexing turned off on all the hard disks.