Comodo CIS causing problems with Vista 64??????

I had been using comodo cis for vista 64 for about 2 weeks, it was working perfectly but all of a sudden last night when i booted up my PC it did not boot up several programs in my taskbar, then when i clicked on an icon in desktop to open an application it would not open the application it was show the hourglass icon for a second then return to the pointer and the app would not open, i then used the start menu to try and open an application and it still wouldn’t work, only comodo was running, i then uninstalled comodo CIS, and viola the problem was solved, everything returned to normal, but now i have no CIS, has anyone else encountered this problem, or know why it happens and how to fix it?!? ??? ???

Welcome to the Forum, Cronx210.

What other security software are you running? Did you disable Windows firewall? Have you tried re-installing CIS to see if this happens again?

Is disabling windows firewall a must?

Yes. It is quite inadvisable to run two software firewalls at the same time. At some point, strange and unexplainable things tend to happen. They also may immediately conflict with each other.
(Even M$ recommends against it).

Thank you for the welcome John, yes i disabled windows firewall and windows defender, i did however have avast and ad-aware installed, right now im using windows firewall because i tried re-installing and the same thing happend

Did you have the other AV software disabled when you installed CIS? (having other AV active during an install can sometimes cause errors and issues).

For example right now i reinstalled comodo, and when i click on any of my icons on desktop it will show the pointer with the hourglasss symbol for about 1 second then it goes back to the pointer and NOTHING happens, it does not open any programs, the only program it is letting me run for some reason is internet explorer 64 bit, Someone pleaseee help, gimmie some insight into this issue, i really like this firewall and would like to continue using it :-\

I’ve got the same problem. Nothing will run with the latest verison. I’ve uninstalled it and will try the various combinations of no AVG Anti-virus and no Ad-Adware. I’ll try to post my results.

BTW, I’ve received no help from Comodo with this.

Well I removed AVG and Ad-Adware and still no success. I even tried to sign-up for Comodo LivePCSupport, but since Internet Explorer didn’t work with their latest version, i couldn’t access that. I have an older version of CIS ( which is about a year old and it still works. however, I may start looking for another firewall that’s newer and works. Any suggestions?

OK, now I un-installed AVG and Ad-Ware in Safe Mode, then re-installed the latest 64bit version (3.9.95478.509_XP_Vista_x64) also in Safe Mode. Everything seems to be working, at least for a day. I don’t know whether it was AVG or Ad-Ware, but I’m afraid to re-install either as I don’t want to waste another day on this. Did any of you guys have these applications running on your machines?

I use the AV in CIS for on-access protection, and use MBam and SAS for on-demand scanning. No issues with either of these.

Follow this link for additional info.

I have been running Vista 64 Ultimate for about 6 months now and the latest version of CIS has locked up my computer. I have mouse control, and that’s about it. I rolled my PC back to about a month ago and things were fine, except CIS got all wonky until it tried to update itself. When it installed the update again for CIS, the same result happened - after bootup, lockup.

I have a quad core processor, 8GB of ram, terabyte+ of HDD, and I wasn’t running any other firewalls or virus scanners / malware scanners / any other scanner when this happened. It happened right after bootup.

I’m experiencing a similiar issue on Windows 7 64bit. It happened after I installed the latest Windows updates. I haven’t tried reinstalling yet.


I too have this issue. It just started yesterday morning. I can only boot successfully in Safe Mode unless I disable COMODO service and startup entry. That’s too bad, because up until now, I have been very satisfied with this security product.

The symptoms I had were the slowness, to the point of apparent locking up of everything. Couldn’t even bring up Task Manager or shutdown, had to hard power off.

I am running Vista Ultimate 64 sp2.
Could it be a conflict with the latest MS update and Comodo update? I may have to uninstall Comodo and try MSE, maybe that was their plan!

Please read here;msg332540#msg332540


There was a problem with two of the AV database updates that made cmdagent.exe use up (almost) all CPU activity. This topic describes a workaround for this: Workaround for the 99% CPU Problem with the latest Virus DB Updates.