Comodo CIS break explorer

hi guys,

i have installed comodo on my notebook and my pc, on my notebook works well, but on my pc i have a problem, after installing last version of comodo after first reboot, comodo virtualize something and i can see only icons but not all the writes , same thing in the start menu. I tried to disable sandbox but didn’t solve…how can i solve this?

thanks, best regards

You should try to use the reset sandbox task by clicking on Tasks at main GUI and then go to sandbox tasks and reset sandbox. Also make sure you are not using an insider preview build of Windows 10 as it is not currently supported. Finally check the sandbox logs to see what was sandboxed. Logs then choose show sandbox events.

yes but also if sandbox is disabled break explorer??

why? i think it’s a registry problem


Not sure but when you restart Windows does the issue go away or is the text still missing? Also what build number of Windows 10 do use?

when i restart is all ok for the first 30 second…after i have this problem, i have 15058 and 15063, same problem

Insider preview builds are not officially supported by Comodo. So you need to wait for the next update which should come sometime in early April, or switch the the stable public non-insider builds. Otherwise their is not much else that can be done to fix the issue.

i have update to insider builder because i have already this problem with the official release. It’s not a problem of insider builder


Then I don’t know what is causing the issue. Maybe try to uninstall and reinstall and before the required reboot after install, disable the auto-sandbox so that when you restart nothing gets sandbox. Of course do this on the official release.

ok thanks