comodo cis becomes incredible fat after update

i was very surprised to see the folder of comodo growing from 70 MB up to 270 (!)MB, right after the update to the new 3.13 version.
thats very strange. i will never make updates from inside the cis again. instead of that i loaded the 30MB installer. i guess this will safe me 200 MB hard drive space.

not at all.

the biggest part of CIS is AV database, and that is downloaded after fresh install, too. and it is increasing your folder size.

For some reason the updater downloads the AV database even if the AV is not installed/activated.
This results in a file download bases.cav of about 107MB there is also a version in \repair so times 2 it’s 214MB of extra “overhead”…

So if you don’t use the AV it’s safe to delete \scanners\bases.cav and \repair\bases.cav