Comodo CIS and the MMO Runes of Magic

hey guys
Any of you is playing Runes of Magic?

I just finished reinstalling the game using the ob client.
And here is what is happening:

1.launch the game

2.screen to select servers(US,Int,Ger)

3.then I get an error “unable to find uninstall.ini” or something

4.runtime error with path to Launcher.exe and it seems to be an error signature for the launcher.exe.

here is the info about the launcher.exe:


Other players are telling me it has to do with the firewall,so I just went and added all exe files to my trusted applications,but still the same error.
Any help would be appreciated


Open the firewall and click on “View Active Connections”. After that launch the game and see what connection does it makes, and if any of them are blocked. Some games, especially online ones, sometime start a distinct service. For reference, check the logs of both the Firewall and Defense + to see if there are any matches between blocked files/processes and you game files.

Also, please tell us your Firewall and Defense + behavior settings.

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John Buchanan. Comodo Global Moderator.