COMODO CIS and Remote Desktop Control (RDP, MSTC)


I have a problem with COMODO CIS, whenever I remote control my computer using mstsc it eventually gives me a blue screen. I get no issues when working locally on the machine, only remote control.

I use Windows XP x64 with 4 gigs of RAM, Nvidia Ge-Force 8800 GTX, ASUS Commando motherboard and SATA 2 HDDs (not in raid or anyhting).

The softwares that runs on my computer are generally the following:

  • AVG antivirus
  • Filezilla server (FTP)
  • Apache 2.2 with MySQL and PHP
    … (I will complete the list as soon as I am at home).

Anyone got an idea as to what could create this behavior?


Try To Check After Disabling The Startup Items And Non-Microsoft Services From Loading At The Startup Using MSCONFIG. If You Don’t Get BSOD Then It Should Be One Of Your Software Loading At The Startu Is Causing The Issue

Please post a screenhsot of your D+ logs. Take a look at the D+ logs and see if there are entires for the used program.


I was able to do one more test but when I was trying to get a screenshot of the logs I got that blue screen again.

I will need to wait to be at home to provide it, I noticed something though, the blue screen appears whenever I open the contextual menu when I do a right click with my mouse (as far as I recall the only “option” added to the right click menu is one that has been added by Adobe CS4 Master Collection, cannot provide the exact name of that menu at the moment though). Otherwise everything runs fine.

I will get you the logs of COMODO and the dump files from Windows.

By the way this is a fresh install of Windows that I did during the weekend (new computer, I formatted it myself and installed from scratch).


Keep us posted.


Here are the attachments as requested, the menu added by Adobe is Adobe Drive CS4.

Please note that I added a .TXT extension to the .DMP file of Windows to allow it through the attachment system.

I tried to uninstall Adobe Drive and the problem is still here.

I did several other tests during the day, apparently this is as soon as I copy a file (this is really important, I can use the contextual menu as soon as I do not paste anything). When the file is copied I then get the blue screen (I set my computer to automatically reboot on BSOD). I was indeed copying file the previous times I tested (I though at this point that it was when i was opening the contextual menu though). Using a CTRL+C and CTRL+V also create the problem.


[attachment deleted by admin]

I don’t see anything odd in the D+ logs. May be the minidump will be useful for the devs. Going to move this topic to the bug boards.

Can only agree,
have 2 different computers, one form them a very fresh install of WinXP. When traying to use copy/paste operations from RDP, get BSOD. When I disable comodo all works fine