Comodo CIS and Email Question?.

I use Comodo CIS v3.12.560 and wonder if Comodo checks my email for viruses etc or do I need a seperate program for this?. If so could someone recommend me a good free email checker.

2 areas where malware can hide...

on the Hard disk and RAM…

On access checks anything being pulled from HD etc. so if you somehow do have a malware sitting on your HD that nothing has scanned before and you are going to email it, then it means you have extract/read it from the h/d… then CIS will pounce on it. This pretty much covers huge majority of issues… the rest of the issues will be answered with the memory scanner in CIS 3.9 due out //____ (fill the blank ).

^ Melih.

Hops this helps.

Thanks Kyle.
By the way have you ever updated your guides for the present version of Comodo CIS?.

No problem.

Don’t really a need to, The recent updates have not affected my guides.
When V4 Comes out I’ll probably make something similar.