Comodo CIS 64bit got problems again???

I found my system(Vista Ultimate 64 SP2) suddenly hold , so i try to reboot and see the cmdagent eat about 7x% CPU (Intel Q9650) , after a while whole system will be hold and can’t run any program :frowning: , i go to safe mode to disable the anti virus function then everythings solved . My another PC using CIS 32bit no problems . virus version 2526 .

Please post here:
Looks like an AV update issue with version 2526…

update to 2527 seem better , but still eat 5x% CPU.

Same problem >:( ??? 88)
As soon as the AV update occured= 70+% CPU & 233 threads used. (Info via Process Explorer)
Reboot gives 99% cpu for first 4-5mins, average CPU use = 89.34% after 7 mins.

System unusable for at least 15 mins, & then only minor interaction possible.
Some files in safe list (eg sync.exe - part of an installed progs anti-piracy code)-seem newly black-listed.

I have only basic stuff loading on start-up - reducing it further has no impact.
Network also cannot initialize.
Having BIOS cached to RAM affects PCs ability to restart under this situation.

I have never had any problem of this kind before with Comodo & have been using it for several years… Please fix guys!!!

This sorted it for me. Thanks!

Hi Guys we have issued new base which fixes the problem for those who already have the problem - here is workaround:

Boot in safe mode
remove c:\program files\Comodo\Comodo Internet Security\scanners\bases.cav file
start diagnostics (don’t mind red status and not fixed issues - they are because of safe mode)
restart system

your AV bases will be 1 version

Update it to the latest version again

the problem should gone

Guys, please take a look here :

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