Comodo CIS 5.0 Bug? Proxy settings saving failed.

Hi all.

Im having a strange issue on my Windows Vista with Comodo CIS 5.0 - I cannot save the proxy settings, so I also cannot download updates. When I enter the required proxy server details in CIS Preference/Connection, press OK and then re-open the Preferences, the newly entered settings are gone. Connection also does not work, of course.

Anybody else having this problem?
I have a second host with Windows7 with the same version CIS and this has no problems.
Does anyone know where Comodo keeps its settings - registry or config file ???

Welcome to the forum Winniebuhh :slight_smile:

Settings are in the registry.

Two screenshots first none set next random server / port set.


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have same problem, my proxy settings cant be changed :frowning: please help