Comodo CIS 4 conflicts/incompatible with K9 Web Protection 4.0.296

I am running Windows XP Home Edition (32 bit) SP3 with an Intel Celeron CPU 2.66GHz.

I am logged as an administrator.

Actively-running security and utility applications: Spyware Terminator, Avast 5.0.462 and Minimem 1.31.

Problem description:
When I try to install the new CIS 4 version, i get a message that says that the Blue Coat K9 Web Protection 4.0.296 internet filter software is incompatible with CIS 4. Therefore, i would only be able to install CIS 4 if i uninstalled K9 Web Protection 4.0.296.
If i had both CIS 4 and K9 installed and running at the same time, Windows would not boot. It would stay in the windows boot screen with the blue bar moving across the bottom. It would remain hanged up.

I would like to stay with Comodo because it is an excelent product, but i also won’t give up the web protection of K9.

Your help is much appreciated,
Thank you very much.

Hi and welcome to the forums,

This is a known issue between the two products, that unfortunately has not yet been resolved. I believe the problem lay with K9 and it was up to them to fix it (I may be remembering this wrong), but hopefully will be fixed in the near future.

Sorry for your inconveniance.


Looks like I have to give up Comodo in one of my machines. I just cannot afford not to have the web filtering program since I have kids at home that tremendously use the PC and the internet.

I hope this gets fixed in the future as stated by the moderator.