COMODO CIS 3.8.64263.468 liberado

Good news! We have just released COMODO Internet Security 3.8.64263.468.

What’s New in this version?
NEW! COMODO Threatcast - COMODO’s community based alerts statistics
NEW! Native Vista Firewall - Improved Firewall with Windows Vista enhancements
NEW! Native Vista HIPS - Improved HIPS compatible with Windows Vista enhancements
NEW! Buffer Overflow Prevention - Defense+ can now detect and prevent one of the most common attacks used by attackers: shellcode injection
NEW! Antivirus Heuristics: The Antivirus engine now includes heuristics scanning capabilities
NEW! Proxy server settings for AV and program updates
IMPROVED! Trusted software vendor list is expanded, capable of detecting thousands of applications generically without any signatures
IMPROVED! Revised AV engine - AV engine scanning and updating speed increased significantly
IMPROVED! File submission engine has been redesigned

Impact of this release for the existing users

Automatic updates for this release will be available for the existing users starting from the next week. When the automatic updater is used:

  • Threatcast will NOT be enabled by default. The users will need to activate this feature manually.
  • Existing configurations will be preserved.

If you do not want to wait until the updates are available, you may uninstall the existing version and install this version.

We would like to thank all of our BETA testers whose quality assurance ans cooperation made this release possible.

Download locations

32-Bit Setup
Size: 33.7 MB (35,355,400 bytes)
MD5: bafbff2efa37dbbc3a000b1a2d50bbb8
SHA1: 9552557d63ced15ccee1deb3c76db986f00cd0aa

64-Bit Setup
Size: 47.8 MB (50,144,008 bytes)
MD5: b34fe2cab3d9396158714792e0847517
SHA1: 4b3d27ad65633b4f719e911159efe62111c669be

Instalador (32-Bit)

Instalador (64-Bit)