Comodo CIS 10 Firewall Issue with Identification of Adobe Reader Documents

CIS 8 worked well with a Adobe Reader XI connecting to, just add an exception to the application process path and you’d never hear from it again.

However CIS 10 v10.0.0.6086 now finds the program only by the document name when blocking it’s output, so adding a process path is a waste of time. So look forward to loads for notification windows.

Think the reason is because the title ID is shown in Adobe Reader as ‘Document Name - Adobe Reader’ not ‘Adobe Reader - Document Name’ which was handled in the previous CIS version.

I also have this problem - starting to be annoying. I assume there is no current fix. For some reason I am accessing a lot of PDF files at the moment and get about 3 or 4 warnings per document. Have added Reader as a safe application but as you say it is a filename issue by the looks of it.

Have you modified the Heuristic Command-Line Analysis in HIPS to turn it off for for *\acrord32.exe?

The only warnings prior to this change I received were for Oulook attachments. Nothing for pdf saved to the drive(s)

PDF files are only monitored when they are opened from removable media or the %temp$ folder. You should save the pdf files somewhere on your computer then open them to not get alerts from CIS about the files themselves.