Comodo Chromodo ver 42.1 Beta is now available

Hi All,

As promised, here is a link to our new browser, Chromodo. A beta version of Chromodo 42.1 can be downloaded from:

This version isn’t intended for mass distribution, just a preview for you.
Comodo Chromodo Beta 42.1 is now available for beta testing and should not be used on production systems. Chromodo Beta version is based on Chromium 42.0.2311.82.

Chromodo and Comodo Dragon both share the same amazing DNA built for speed, security and privacy with Comodo Dragon brand being aimed at our beloved loyal users and Chromodo aimed at a wider audience for those who like the Chrome/Chromium experience but seamlessly want the Dragon DNA.
There were some known issues with taskbar icon after uninstallation in rare cases and CertSentry.

Official release of Comodo Chromodo 42.1 will follow within the next few days.


Alp Eren,

Will Comodo Dragon 42.x also be released within the next few days?

Also, you say Chromodo is for the wider audience and Comodo Dragon for your loyal users, you then also say this beta is not of mass distribution but for a preview which is posted on the Comodo forum where mostly loyal users would see it… would it then not be more logical to do the beta with Comodo Dragon rather than Chromodo since you say yourself that Comodo Dragon is aimed at the loyal users?

Good job guys!

now the fun begins :slight_smile:

Yes, our next goal is releasing Dragon 42.x in next few days after Chromodo release. I made this post to collect user feedbacks so that we listen our users and improve our product with your help.

Hi Sanya,
I imagine Dragon has slightly more work involved with its distinctive GUI.

Kind regards.

Thanks for the update Alp Eren Kaplan. :-TU

Kind regards.

And hope final version releases soon so the month of April ends :wink:

Now I will have to remove or change part of my signature. :wink:

Is this directed towards Melih :slight_smile:

Hi yessnooo,
Sorry if it appeared directed at you, it is not directed at anyone in-particular.

Just an extension has changed that will make part of my signature obsolete. :wink:
Edit: Apologies I jumped the gun here about an extension, my signature will not be obsolete (PrivDog lives on).
Kind regards.

For anyone interested PPAPI Flash installed without an issue, it also has a type of a wizard to help you select the correct version.

Yes, that is correct. We added a guide to install PPAPI Flash within the browser.

No need sorry.

We sometimes have little fun here.
Yeah, nowadays little xtra fun on account of Comodo late releases :slight_smile:

Does the setup has portable install?

I explained it to Captainstick…i am sure he can explain the logic behind naming :slight_smile:

The simple explanation below,
PrivDogs main focus is Privacy with added security benefits (Not currently included with Chromodo Beta). ( Priv being short for Privacy)

The extension ‘adSanitizer’ that is currently included with Chromodo Beta has its main focus aimed towards security.


Is it just me or did everything become much smaller? I tried enlarging the font but that didn’t work, and zooming in doesn’t make the size like it used to be before.

Ghostery and ad Sanitizer do not seem to cooperate. I get the following message from Ghostery on chrome://extensions/ page: This extension failed to redirect a network request to “some path” because another extension (Ad Sanitizer) redirected it to “another path”. Ghostery also shows it is not active while it is activated.

Edit: after restarting the browser Ghostery is showing active but I still get that message.

Alp, is adSanitizer the successor of Privdog? What are the differences and what are the similarities between the two of them? Are trackers being blocked by adSanitizer?

Hi nettek,
The spacing between fonts appears slightly more compact IMO, have you tried adjusting the custom font settings?

Kind regards.

Thanks for the feedback Eric, it is a PNG null content redirection issue. I could not verify with extension team yet, but it seems all other extensions such as Disconnect, AdBlock, ABP, Ghostery etc. agreed on the same redirect URL. I’ll let them know, and change it before official release.

By the way, if you import any extension from another chromium based browser, which requires additional permission, it is disabled by default. Since it requires user consent.

For information the target field switch posted in the link below is no longer required with Chromodo Version Beta.
Disable SSL 3.0 to be immune from the POODLE attack. CCS And CD.

Doing so makes everything look much more normal, but not quite the same as it used to be. I guess it has more to do than fonts.
It’s hard to explain but everything is much more little and looks different, for example it doesn’t take as much screen as it used to.