Comodo Chromodo 42 release candidate is now available for download

Hi all,

Comodo Chromodo Ver. release candidate is now available for download from the following link:

This version isn’t intended for mass distribution, a preview for you and a release candidate.

We have also built a production line for Comodo Chromodo Browser and if you check the version of our beta release and release candidate, you will see that we are ready to provide up to date Chromium based browsers to our users.

Official release will be in next few days.
Again, thank you to all our users for your amazing support and feedback.

Please keep the feedback coming, positive and negative.


Alp Eren,

Will the Comodo Dragon 42 there?

We will release it very soon.

Awesome! Keep it up guys!

Thank you. :-TU

Edit: Performing nicely, with no issues to report so far.

good job guys!

Thanks, finally!

Chromodo works great, much faster than opera.

Lets keep this up to date and chromodo will be my to go browser again!

Great work dev’s!

Hello. Faced with the inconvenience of Comodo Chromodo ver. (only in this version, beta version it worked).
When you try to set the default browser in Windows 8.1, context menu “Metro” does not give option to Comodo Chromodo.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks for the feedback, we will investigate immediately.

It does work just fine. But, I found it to be slower than even IE on Peacekeeper. Chrome, Opera, and Firefox were faster as well.

Comodo Chromodo 42 based on Chromium 42 the kind of version?
Detailed information did not write.

For those using it, can you still add extrnsions from outside the chrome Web store?

Hi Sanya,
I just used the Drag’n’Drop method to add PrivDog.

Kind regards.

Nice, thanks. :slight_smile:

You are welcome. :slight_smile:

Hi Several-GHM,
Chromodo Version
Based on Chromium 42.0.2311.135.

Kind regards.

For me, chromodo starts and loads the homepage much faster than latest opera. I dont use IE, so i cant say anything about that.

My computer is newly formatted and have a clean win 8.1 x64 install. Its probably why everything is so fast and smooth :stuck_out_tongue:

Chromodo 42 is now my deafult browser, lets just hope the dev’s keep it updated.

Dev’s, pls tell me 1 thing: why u always have some troubles with russian translation? And this last update (RC) has it too. Could u fix it?
P.S. And why u cut off a portable version? It was my favorite & only portable browser untill u cut it off :frowning: Please, answer me.

Hi slimka,
Sorry I can only answer one of your questions.
The portable option is intended to return in the near future.

Kind regards.

captainsticks, thanks for the answer. So, i gues, we’ll have non-translated menu items in the future release…too bad :frowning: