Comodo Chat on Slashnet IRC

I’ve been poking around for a live Comodo chat for several years, but I’m done holding my breath.

(CNY) Introducing #comodo on

SlashNET is the IRC network started by Slashdot. It’s where website forum members go to find real-time discussion.

To get there, you need an IRC client. Popular IRC clients include:

ChatZilla (Firefox Plugin), mIRC, XChat, and many others

Once you have an IRC client installed, you may connect to and join #comodo
Or just click the following link: irc://

As of this hour, I am the only person in there, but I hope others will accompany me (including some of the forum mods and developers). As far as politics goes, I’m more than happy to hand over ownership control to the appropriate individuals who wish to claim it (forum mods and developers, hint hint).

Look forward to seeing you there.