Comodo changes my IP address

Been using Comodo Firewall for a month without any problems, also the Comodo DNS servers configured in the web-browser (IPv4).
Lately Comodo is somehow changing my IP address to, now I can’t remember it but it started with 164.X.X.X.

When this happens I lose the ability to use internet. What I have to do is to disable/restart the “Comodo Internet Security Firewall Driver” in my Local Area Connection settings, to get it going again.

I’m in “Safe Mode (Default)” for my firewall and “Training Mode” for the system protection.
I use Avast as my anti-virus software and SpywareBlaster.

First time this happened I got a network pop up, saying do you want to use this new IP address, and then I had the option to accept it as a home/public network. I think I pressed home and then Comodo hang.
I also added the E-mail certificate in my Firefox browser yesterday, and this issue started today.
I’m on Windows 7 x64.

try this - open your command prompt

release your Ip address - ipconfig/release

then renew your IP address - ipconfig/renew

see if that restores your preferred ip address

do you have DHCP enabled ?

DHCP is enabled.

Those commands gave me the address again, 164 was probably this one 169, my mistake.

The result of the commands was DHCP server not connecting and Loopback Pseudo-interface 1 release.

I had to restart the PC to get a working IP back.
I’m not sure what is causing this anymore, maybe register entries cleaning (firewall) I did before this… now I got an IP with 1 hour lend, I have to see what will happen after that hour.

After the hour, the IP went back to 169.X.X.X.
I have no idea what is causing this, and why the lend period is one hour.

I get a 1 hour lease from time to time. Which is a pain because I use NetSetMan for convenience. I would say unplug your modem and walk away for a few hours and then check it.

Try the solution in No network connection after using Stealth Ports Wizard (DHCP Broken) and see if that helps.