COMODO changes date of EXE/BAT/CMD/etc. on copy, extract, etc.

This is a deal breaker for me. COMODO is changing the modified dates of my applications and scripts (.EXE/.COM/.BAT/.CMD/etc.) to the current date/time whenever I copy them, extract them from an archive, etc. This isn’t just a problem with one computer–I have 3 computers on which I recently installed COMODO v8.0.0.4344, and all 3 started this behavior after COMODO was installed. If I uninstall COMODO, the application and script dates do not change. Thus, clearly COMODO is the cause.

The date change only happens the FIRST time I copy an application/script to a new location. The second time I copy to the same location it doesn’t change the date. It’s like COMODO “learns” the file OK. But if I wait a little while and copy/extract to the same location (the time is inconsistent–sometimes it’s immediate and sometimes it’s several minutes), it “forgets” and changes the date again. WTF?

I have disabled all functions I think could be potentially causing this–HIPS, sandbox, Viruscope–all to no avail. Application/script dates still change on copy/extract/etc…

As I said, this is a deal breaker. Part of my job is backup/archives, and I cannot have COMODO arbitrarily changing dates of my files.

Please see here;msg785679#msg785679

Wow. That is fd up. Just dropped ZoneAlarm because of stability issues. Now COMODO has fd who knows how many files on 3 of my PCs. Guess I’ll just use Windows Firewall–no outbound or cross-process protection, but at least it doesn’t f* up my system like all these other firewalls do.

Thanks, COMODO.

You could consider going back to v7. Various users have chosen that as a workaround.