Comodo CEO Named Finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year Award in InfoSe

way to go :slight_smile:

See the crowd moving

:BNC :■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■
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Greatness… It’s not being prideful of your self accomplishments but looking for further improvements :slight_smile:

Congrats Melih! You are certainly one of the Top 3 Great Technological innovators!

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Yes, Congrats, Melih.

thank you guys :slight_smile:

Well done Melih, you deserve the recognition for all your efforts and for what you have accomplished.
:■■■■ and (:CLP)

Congratulations, Melih! :■■■■ :slight_smile: :wink: :-TU (:CLP) :BNC

Way to Go Melih (:CLP) (:HUG)

Congratulations Melih. It is very much deserved. :■■■■ (:CLP)

My congratulations and wishes for continued success are with you, Melih. :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Melih would you like a Big Kiss ;D

Now maybe everyone else will see what we’ve known for a long time. Congrats Melih, we are proud. ;D :-TU

sincerely appreciate all your well wishes… thank you!

Well done Melih, I am sure this is what you live for… may You (Comodo) continue to strive for perfection in order to protect us (and make Comodo more money from other means of course… lol)

Well done and congratz Melih!

Valentin N

Congratulations Melih, you largely deserve it and make us more than ever proud to be users of Comodo products.

Well done. I think Melih really deserves it. Keep on doing geat work.

Well done and I hope you win!

Thank you guys! much appreciate it.